CIIN’s Guide For Smooth Bump-Free Skin

Smooth Bump-Free Skin

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Our skin is our greatest asset, and skin care should not only be about the face, our bodies are made of very thirsty skin cells that need the hydration, scrubbing and all the TLC they can get! That’s why when it comes to having those annoying bumps on our skin surface extra attention should be provided. But to begin with, what are those bumps and what causes them?


Smooth Bump-Free Skin


Two words; Keratosis Pilaris (KP). If you experience rough skin with red and sometimes white bumps generally on the arms, thighs, buttocks and sometime face, then you are a victim of a genetic condition called KP, it’s when your skin refuses to exfoliate naturally as it should. This causes the accumulation of dead skin cells, it results in the blocking of hair follicles and a rough patch formation that looks more like goose flesh. Although harmless, it leaves your skin bumpy and rough. And who wants that?


How to smooth out those KP bumps?

Bumpy dry skin naturally calls for exfoliation. And that’s exactly what you should do. There are two efficient methods that will help annihilate bumpy skin caused by Keratosis Pilaris.


1 || The Chemical Exfoliation Method

It’s important to know that KP is a form of irritation (the redness or darkness is from inflammation at the base of the hair follicle). So by lowering the skin’s pH levels using a chemical exfoliator, it is the best way to accelerate the natural shedding process. Applying exfoliating acids daily to the affected area will allow the acid to absorb deep into the surface layers to put the skin in an acidic state. This then jumpstarts the skin’s natural exfoliation process.


Chemical Exfoliation Method


Always choose a formula that contains lactic acid. This ingredient not only loosens cells but is also a humectant. This means it provides moisturizing comfort, which is very beneficial for Keratosis Pilaris. The formula should also include calming agents, which deliver visible soothing and anti-inflammatory effects. When the product is used regularly, it will flatten the bumps and minimize the appearance of redness or darkness.


2 || The Physical Exfoliation Method

A body scrub or loofah are considered a traditional method of reducing bumps. This will lift the dissolved cells off the skin. But caution should be there when using a chemical exfoliator at the same time.. Then you should only use the physical exfoliator once a week, and don’t apply an acid exfoliator afterwards. The combination of the two may be too aggressive. Instead, apply a regular body lotion after physical exfoliation.


Smooth Bump-Free Skin


With consistent use, the combination of chemical and physical exfoliants will help reveal smoother, silkier skin on the body in no time.