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The Secret Of The Flawless Complexions That Reigned At The British Fashion Awards

Complexions-British Fashion Awards

Gazing at countless images of the celebrities who walked the red carpet at the British Fashion Awards yesterday and one can’t help but notice the luminous complexions of these almost ethereal creatures. From Kaia Gerber to Victoria Beckham, the ladies oozed sensuality and yes admit it.. flawless complexions. If you think they’re wearing minimal makeup think again, achieving this level of flawless-ness takes a delicate touch, and lots and lots of subtle layering…and perhaps most of all requires Airbrush Foundation! So how is airbrush foundation different from your ordinary foundation and what tips and tricks are involved in the application process? Read below all about airbrush foundation if you dare give it a go!


British Fashion Awards


1 || What Is Airbrush Foundation?

Airbrush foundation conjures up images of white dresses and “I dos”, but admittedly these are the only kinds of foundation that will suffice when it comes to red carpets and festive events. We all need a long-lasting flawless finish that looks and feels barely there!

Airbrush foundation is a lightweight and breathable foundation mist that is applied using an airbrush stylus and air compressor. A very fine mist is sprayed and allowed to dry prior to spraying another layer if you want to have more coverage. Airbrush foundations are usually much thinner than your usual foundation yet they provide amazing coverage as they can be easily built up to the amount of coverage required while still maintaining the natural look we all chase after.


British Fashion Awards - Airbrush Foundation


Airbrush foundations are also very lightweight and breathable, and don’t block your pores no matter how heavy you build it up.They are worth the investment as they usually last you longer than your normal foundation whether by how the product is bottled or the amount you will need to use. 


British Fashion Awards - Temptu Air SilkSphere Starter Kit

Temptu Air SilkSphere Starter Kit


The only disadvantages of airbrush foundation that we can think of is the initial cost, as well as the fact that it may be hard to touch up after the layers have dried, however this type of foundation rarely needs touch-ups.


British Fashion Awards


2 || Primer

Always start with a primer and/or water-based moisturiser since airbrush foundation can be drying to the skin. Don’t use an oil-based moisturiser or a facial oil as these will interfere with the foundation’s formula.


British Fashion Awards - Primer

Benefit the POREfessional Face Primer


3 || Mix Shades

Most airbrush systems come with a variety of shades, however if none of these shades match your skin tone you are encouraged to mix shades till you get the one right for you.


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4 || Shake The Bottle

Airbrush foundations’ formulas usually tend to separate when not in use; shake the bottle thoroughly to make sure the formula is free of air bubbles.


5 || Practice

Prior to using an airbrush gun for the first time, it is best to practice on a sheet of paper or your hand. This way you can make sure the color is correct and you can get a hang on the application. There are many formulas on the market that emulate the use of a gun and thus are less of a hassle. Sephora Collection and Dior have amazing best-selling products to try.

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6 || Eyes

Applying airbrush foundation to the undereye are is allowed though it is not recommended. This is a drying formula and can settle into fine lines as well. However, if you feel you must use it then make sure to use a cream concealer before it. Don’t attempt to apply the cream concealer after the airbrush foundation as it won’t blend well.


British Fashion Awards-Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer


7 || Application Tips

When using a gun, hold it upright so you don’t interrupt the airflow. Hold it 6-8 inches away from your face. Move your hand in a circular motion during application for a more even coverage. Don’t stop moving your hand during application otherwise you risk creating ugly blotches of color on your skin.



8 || Clean Up & Set It

If you notice air bubbles or any imperfections these can be cleaned up by smoothing the area with a fluffy makeup brush. Set with translucent powder afterwards to enable you to apply bronzer and blush easily.


British Fashion Awards


9 || Setting Spray

Lock the makeup with a setting spray for best results.

British Fashion Awards- Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray.Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray.