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Lash Serums

Lately I’ve been shopping around for the perfect eyelash enhancement serum, they are after all the secret to fuller, longer and plumper lashes.. Having delved into that beauty habit a while ago, I have noticed visible results, however there are a few tips involved in order to maximize your results.. No matter how effective your eyelash serum is it is crucial to understand the conditions under which those potent stimulators work by..

# Patience and Commitment

It takes quite some time for them to kick into action. Some lash conditioners have the potential to show an immediate (but not long-lasting) effect because they’re volumizing the lashes, but a change in length could take several weeks. That means you have to be committed to applying the serum daily, or as directed.

# Lifestyle Changes

Eating a healthy diet that’s high in vitamins and proteins, avoiding rubbing your eyes, taking your makeup off before you go to bed every night are all factors that might affect your eyelash health..

Below CIIN’s top eyelash serums picks, these treatments are enriched with conditioning peptides and fatty acids that stimulate and promote growth and stronger eyelashes.

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