Will Your Perfume Bottle Ever Expire?


Here’s a question we’re guessing you’ve never asked yourself before, will your favorite bottle of perfume eventually expire?

Unlike food, perfumes won’t physically expire and go bad, however you can easily tell that your fragrance has reached to a point where applying it results in an unpleasant aroma, skin irritation or allergic reactions, those signs are enough hints that your perfume has bitten the dust.


Perfume Expire


Generally speaking, from the time any bottle of perfume is produced, it will have an average shelf life of three to five years. This shelf life may be longer if the bottle is unopened and stored properly. Shelf life can also fluctuate according to the quality of the product. Perfumes with a higher concentration of alcohol or water may disappear more quickly through evaporation, for instance.

One of the most obvious ways to detect a change in a perfume is the fragrance. If a perfume contains vegetable oils, they may become rancid over time. In contrast, essential oils, a popular ingredient in many commercial and natural fragrances, contain no fat, which helps the perfume last longer. As a perfume deteriorates, it may develop a smell like vinegar, or the concentration of the original scent may fade. The color of the perfume may also change, although this depends on the color of the original liquid, the color of the containing bottle, and how the bottle was stored.

Can I Prevent it From Expiring?

All perfumes reach a point where they no longer look or smell like their old selves. But this can be delayed with proper care and storage.

Below 6 ways to increase the longevity of your perfume.


1 || Protect It From Heat

Direct sunlight and warm storage are the biggest enemies of perfume..Heat breaks down the chemicalstructure of perfume, making it lose its fragrance more quickly. If the perfume is contained in a plastic bottle, heat may warp the container and leech plastic into the liquid. Similarly, sunlight should be avoided, as the heat and light can cook the perfume and change the color and consistency of the liquid. If a perfume has a colored bottle, it may be more resistant to light but should still be kept in a dark place.


Perfume Expire

2 || Store In A Relatively Cool Place

It seems like common sense to keep bottles somewhere cool, like a refrigerator. However, this solution can be just as damaging. Perfumes need a consistent temperature, and removing and replacing the bottle from the fridge will submit the liquid inside to temperature changes. A perfume or fragrance is happiest in a cool, protected area like a drawer or closet.

Perfume Expire

3 || Don’t Pour Your Perfume In A Different Container

Perfume should never be re-homed into a new container. Doing so exposes the liquid to air, which can both break down the composition of the perfume and accelerate the evaporation of any alcohol. Bacteria exposure is another risk for perfume, particularly those with removable tops. Perfume bottles with atomizer sprays and spray tops help protect the fragrance for a longer period of time.

Perfume Expire

4 || What If You Use Multiple Fragrances At The Same Period Of Time?

If you tend to have a lot of fragrances in rotation, choose ones with a higher alcohol content—they’ll last longer (both in the bottle and on your skin). Look for eaux de parfum and avoid essential oils, which are diluted with a smaller amount of alcohol (or none at all).

Perfume Expire

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5 || Pay Attention To The PAO

PAO stands for Period After Opening, it’s the small symbol of an open jar with a number on it on your perfume packaging. This number is the number of months you should use your perfume for before it hits its expiration date. The period after opening is a compulsory element for all cosmetics products that have an expiration date shorter than 5 years (most makeup products, perfumes, skincare, etc).

Normally, perfume manufacturers recommend usage of 30 months (after the perfume is being opened) for perfumes with alcohol. That’s 2 years and a half..


Perfume Expire