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Natural Ways To Get The Shiny Hair You’ve Always Dreamed Of!

Beautiful hair equals a beautiful day. And when I think of the one feature that will make any woman look much younger that would be healthy hair! But once it gets dull and dehydrated by the sun and hot weather this won’t be the case. Though this might be really annoying for all women, the good news is that you can get shiny and healthy locks by following some natural simple steps from the comfort of your home.


1 || The Miracles Of Apple Cider Vinegar

You won’t believe what apple cider vinegar rinse could do to your hair. First, it balances your scalp pH levels, which as a result reduces dandruff. also, it’s anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, and it fights frizziness and split ends. An after shampoo diluted apple cider vinegar rinse can do wonders to your hair leaving you with soft, shiny, and smooth hair.


2 || Moisturize It With Hair Masks

Same as your skin, your hair gets dry in hot weather. Masks are a great way to moisturize your hair leaving it smooth and shiny with less damage and breakage. You can use either ready masks, or you can prepare your own natural hair mask at home. There are plenty of recipes on the internet, one of my favorites is the avocado mask which is so easy to make; all you need is to mix one mashed avocado with 2 tablespoons of olive oil and 2 tablespoons of honey. Spread the mask onto damp hair, focusing on the ends. Feel free to rub it in a bit. Use a clip to pull hair into a bun on top of your head, and put on a shower cap. Heat your hair by blow-drying for 15 minutes or sitting in the sun for 30 minutes. Rinse and wash hair as usual. This conditioning mask is gonna leave you with healthier, stronger, and more shiny hair.


3 || Towel Dry After Showering

As you may already know, your hair becomes weaker when it’s damp, making the strands vulnerable to breakage, which then leads to frizz. That’s why you should dry your hair immediately after getting out of the shower with a soft microfiber towel. Avoid rubbing your hair, instead try to gently squeeze out excess water, starting from the scalp and moving towards the ends. Your hair will still be damp, but it shouldn’t be dripping wet. Next, gather a section of your hair and gently blot it with a towel. Repeat if needed.

4 || Switch To Clean Beauty

For best results, try switching to non-toxic hair products. Look for products that promote 6-Free haircare (which means there are no sulfates, silicones, phthalates, parabens, DEA, or artificial dyes). One of our favorite brands for natural hair products is Briogeo.


5 || Blast It With Cold Water

You might ask; how cold water can make your hair look shinier? Well, the reasoning behind this is that cold water fights frizziness, so it makes your hair flatter thus reflects more light.


6 || Invest In A Hair Oil

Oils have been used on hair for centuries and it’s a great way to add gloss to your dry hair. They contain vitamins and minerals that are important to strengthen, soften, and thicken your hair which will make it look much healthier and shinier. Try oils such as coconut, jojoba, argan, almond, and olive oil.

7 || Get Regular Trims

If you feel that your hair is weak and dull then maybe it is time for a trim! By trimming unhealthy split ends, your hair will have less breakage and flyaways, making it look thicker and even shinier. It will also make it grow faster.

8 || Avoid Harsh Treatments

Dyeing, bleaching, and permanently straightening or curling your hair can have damaging long-term effects. Altering your hair from its natural state will eventually cause it to get dried out and prone to breakage. Avoid harsh treatments whenever possible.


9 || Watch Your Diet

We are strong believers that you are what you eat. What you put in your stomach affects your hair the same way it affects your skin. So make sure you follow a healthy diet that provides you with all minerals and vitamins for better skin and hair. Adding supplements is always a great way to make sure you’re getting enough of these nutrients.