4 Ways To Break Up With Summer And Welcome Winter

Break Up With Summer-Welcome Winter

Are you aware of the September/ October new resolutions mode? We’re guessing not! But think of it, there’s something about wrapping up those endless summer nights, kids going back to school bliss, getting back in touch with reality, which calls for a pencil and a random piece of paper that screams ‘clean slate’..! I’m positive you’re getting there, a fresh mindset. Bottom line, September/October resolutions are a thing, a thing you should start adopting right away!

I’m here today to help you survive your break up with Summer, beauty wise, so here’s a list to help you embrace the new season’s beauty resolutions..


1 || Consider Moisturizing A Habit

Biting winds and frosty weather wreaks havoc on our skin, leading to chapped lips, scaly skin and a ruddy complexion. As capillaries constrict then swiftly dilate as you move from ‘out’ to ‘in’ and vice versa, broken veins and inflammation are a sorry side-effect. Ouch!

Besides using a richer kind of moisturizing cream, you should seal the deal with a facial oil.. Moreover, I truly recommend investing in a humidifier, and religiously hooking it up on a ‘nightly’ basis..

Rich body moisturizers are a must as well.. Treat your arms and legs (and everywhere) with the same level of respect you show your face!


Break Up With Summer-Welcome Winter


2 || Supplement – That’s A Verb!

Never leave you wellbeing to chance… Immunity boosters will help you to ward against colds, flus and sniffles, so start now to help you stay healthy throughout the (increasingly imminent) holiday season.

Start adding vitamin C effervescent to your daily juice or your morning-time smoothie. A powerful blend of echinacea, rosemary, mistletoe and schisandra, this brilliant, adaptogenic cocktail is known to ward against infection and can stabilise your mood.


Break Up With Summer-Welcome Winter


3 || Try Something New..

How about I suggest the warmest beauty transition to you? Does berry-toned lipstick and a dewy-hued blusher trigger some sort of excitement? Another tip would be, embrace the bronzer-free complexion.. Try now and thank me later.. 


Break Up With Summer-Welcome Winter


4 || The Time Is Hair!

Treat yourself to a trim..Sun, sea and chlorine have left your lengths stressed and, even if you cannot see the damage, it’s still there. So, irrespective of whether you’re growing your locks, now’s the time to prioritize health over length and surrender an inch on the quest for sleek tresses.

Break Up With Summer-Welcome Winter