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The Main Causes Of Acne For Different Areas Of The Face

Breakouts is a problem that we all suffered from at some point in our lives. And the reasons behind it are not limited; it could be the skincare or makeup products you’re using, or some environmental factors such as stress, weather, dehydration, and processed food. Which makes it too hard to figure out the root cause, thus too hard to heal.

In this article, I’ve brought you the main causes of acne for different areas of the face.


1 || Brow Line

Excess makeup, such as brow pencil and concealer, that isn’t properly washed off at night can result in breakouts above the eyebrows. To avoid this make sure to clean your face well before bed using makeup remover and a gentle cleanser. Waxing the brows is another reason for breakouts in that area, as this can inflame the skin. Next time make sure you clean your face from any dirt or makeup and exfoliate it before your wax appointment. during the session, your technician should always apply a skin-soothing cream. And never touch your skin after the wax.


2 || Forehead

An obvious reason behind forehead acne is hair products such as conditioners, hair dyes, and hairspray. Bladder and digestive system issues, such as dehydration and over-consumption of processed food, also trigger forehead acne. To heal forehead acne try to fix any of these issues by being aware of your eating choices, and drinking a lot of water. Anxiety and nervous system irregularities can prompt a spike in cortisol. Insufficient sleep and poor diet are also culprits with forehead spots. Change your lifestyle and you’ll notice a big reduction in forehead acne.


3 || In Between Brows

This area contains a huge number of oil glands, and this is why it breakout. Make sure you clean it and exfoliate it regularly to balance oil production. Hormonal changes such as pregnancy, menses, and PCOS are another culprit of acne that appears in between your brows. Make sure to drink a lot of water if you find yourself breaking out in this area. The gallbladder is also linked to the eyebrows, so I’d recommend a deeper look if the acne persists.


4 || Ears/Temples

The oil glands in this area are affected by hair products and dirt that might clog your pores, which causes acne. They are also prone to eczema breakouts. Ear pimples are usually clogged comedones (blackheads and whiteheads) or milia, both of which are examples of clogged pores.


5 || Cheeks

Dirty pillowcases and cellphones are the number one reason for cheeks breakouts. especially if you only see breakouts on one side of the face. When you wash your face before bed you open your pores to help your skin absorb products much more easily, so when you sleep on a dirty pillow cover or carry your phone against your cheeks the dirt will accumulate in your pores which will clog them causing acne. This is also where dirty makeup sponges and brushes leave their trail of terror. So make sure you change your pillowcases regularly, clean your screen more than once a day, and makeup sponges on a daily basis. The upper cheek area is linked to the lungs, whereas the lower cheek is linked to the mouth. Gingivitis, smoking, halitosis, and bronchitis all show up on the cheeks.


6 || Undereye

Lack of sleep and water intake are the reasons for your undereye area. Over-productive tear glands, rubbing your eyes, leftover makeup, and products or food allergies are some other culprits that you should keep an eye on.


7 || Nose

Nose acne is linked to poor circulation, indigestion, stress, and high blood pressure. Secondhand smoke might be a reason too. If you use foundation or mineral powder, make sure to wash your sponges and brushes before every use, as this area is prone to blackheads and congestion. Also, spicy foods can show up on your nostrils! Spicy foods cause an inflammatory reaction in the body which causes a rise in temperature, followed by that spice sweat any hot pepper fan knows so well. The sweat increases the likelihood of a breakout, and the less comfortable you are with spice in general, the more likely you will sweat. That sweat triggers oils to be released in the skin, and it’s those oils that trap the dirt and bacteria which cause acne. You can fix this by washing your face and using a clay mask after you experience the sweat reaction. Or better lower your intake of spicy food.


8 || Jawline

Malabsorption of nutrients, overeating, and liver issues appear on the jawline. Practice clean eating and elimination of inflammatory foods such as gluten, dairy, caffeine, and sugar to combat breakouts around the jawline. Also, if you are experiencing an unusually high increase in estrogen, keep an eye out for keloids (pimples you can’t pop) around the jawline.


9 || Chin

Chin breakouts are linked to the small and large intestine. If you’re not digesting a certain food properly, it can show up on the chin. Keep an eye on alcohol and caffeine as well, as these can both lead to dehydration, another culprit of chin acne.


10 || Neck

Liver, (high) progesterone levels, and ovaries. The neck can also be a hotbed for hyperpigmentation during pregnancy and sunlight exposure. This can also be due to an inflammatory response to detergent, pillowcases, or animal allergies.