How To Prevent Breakouts In Case Of An Upcoming Outbreak || 6 Steps To Avoid Maskne

Avoid Maskne

As an upcoming precautionary measure due to the risk of a new COVID19 wave, soon, wearing masks is going to become imperative. Having been there and done that puts us in a not so comfortable situation as we remember the early outbreak days.. Simply put, no one denies how annoying masks can be, breathing in and out of a confined area that often becomes humid has caused a never-experienced-before occurrence; maskne.

Maskne is basically acne resulting from wearing a mask for long periods of time. As we’re familiar with acne and bacne -acne outbreak on backs- now maskne is the new and nasty kid on the block. Described as an influx of blemishes around the mouth and jaw area. This is caused by the fabric of the mask being in contact with the skin for several hours, which causes irritant contact dermatitis. Remember, our facial skin needs to breathe too! Don’t panic though, today we will help you with figuring out the perfect skin care tips while staying safe in a mask..


1 || Make Sure Your Mask Is Not Too Tight

The first and most important step is to make sure that your mask covers your nose and mouth properly. It shouldn’t be so tight that you end up bruising your skin. Choose one that can be loosened to fit perfectly and comfortably.


2 || Wear Lip Balm

Irritants such us trapped heat and humidity from mouth breathing, and friction from the mask can aggravate both the skin and lips. Always make sure to apply lip balm and drink lots of water to avoid dehydration.  For maximum hydration and nourishment look for a lanolin based medical lip balm. It’s a chance to keep your lips in an ideal condition while taking a break from often drying lipstick. Moreover, avoid wearing heavy layers of foundation.


3 || Use Antioxidants

As mentioned, humidity causes moist which evaporates from breath, this increases the chance of a bacteria outbreak. As bacteria thrives in such conditions, this may cause breakouts. To combat this, applying antioxidants such as vitamin E & B5, in a cream or serum form reduces inflammation and moisturizes the skin. Personally, mixing a pea-sized anti-bacterial ointment with my daily moisturizer helped out a lot in terms of avoiding blemishes..


Avoid Maskne


4 || Have Fun With Your Eyes

While the lower and more expressive part of the face is covered, the attention naturally steers to the eyes.. Boost up the look of your eyes by grooming your brows, applying mascara, and possibly a bold eyeliner.


5 || Be Wary Of Exfoliators

If your skin is becoming dry or irritated as a result of wearing a mask then avoid physical scrubs or exfoliators, why? The excess removal of dead skin cells can lead to further damage to the skin surface. Instead use a gentle cleanser for acne-prone skin, and a lightweight moisturizer to avoid greasiness coming from heavier options.


6 || Keep The Masks Clean

There is absolutely no use of the above precautionary steps if you don’t intend on keeping your masks clean. Make sure that the mask is either washed on a daily basis or, if disposable, to change daily. This will circumvent a buildup of bacteria on the skin, and in turn reduce the possibility of blemishes forming.


Avoid Maskne