The Lift Edge Filler || Happy Lips Without Moving A Single Muscle

Lift Edge Filler

Looking happy all the time without moving a muscle is apparently preferred right now!

A new very functional injectable is making its way to the beauty world,  big time,  and has to do with your ‘resting bitch face’.. If you’re known to have one.. Introducing the lift edge filler. A filler that targets the outer corners of your smile that has become incredibly popular right now. This is not to be confused with a lip lift, though. It literally offers a happy state of lips at all times.. Meaning, resting your smile muscles and getting that happy look effortlessly..

If you decide to go for the happy lift, what happens is that a hyaluronic acid filler is injected into the outer corners of the outer corners of the lips at an upward angle to cause them to go upwards. The result is slightly upturned lips at all times like a semi-permanent smile.

It instantly helps soften the look especially for those who are suffering from downward lip corners due to gravity..


Lift Edge Filler


What else can you expect from lift edge filler?

After filling the corners with what remains of your original hyaluronic filler, yes you don’t need a full or a new needle to get the happy lift, the smaller caliber particle will leave the lips smoother and softer. You are less likely to see bumps or feel unevenness. However, some swelling can happen for two to three days after getting the fillers done. You may also feel small bumps at the beginning, which are often easy to massage to flatten them.

Smile, happiness looks gorgeous on you!