Love False Lashes? || This Hack Will Blow Your Mind!


For those of you who hold an extreme desire and fascination for false lashes, this article is for you.. As I am simply a passive collector of many brands of IT eyelashes, I was never able to put them on and end up looking and feeling like an Angry Bird.

Strip false lashes are difficult to apply, full stop. Beauty and makeup vloggers make it look so easy, you just have to apply the right amount of glue to the strip and then gracefully and precisely line it up close -and magically easy- to your lash line. As I genuinely tried to imitate, the process lead to multiple unsuccessful attempts and sticky glue all over my lids and a mood not so pleasant..

Until this genius hack was presented to me and I got convinced that maybe for once I can give my falsies collection another shot..

So, here’s how it should go. First, take your Duo Brush On Adhesive in black and apply a thin line directly on your eyelids. Just like you apply your liquid eyeliner.. There is no waiting for the glue to dry! Start out on the outer corners of your already-done eyes, then move inward. Finally, apply the lashes on top of the glue strip and pinch them together with your real lashes. Easy to remove and, less amount of glue than usual, no sticky residue will be leftover on your lashes. You’re welcome!

Video Tutorial below!