6 Early Hours Habits That Make You Look Older || Morning Matters

6 Early Hours Habits

Mornings matter, they very well do. Just like nightly routines gone the wrong direction can wreck havoc on our looks, morning habits do in fact make all the difference. Which brings us to the realization that optimal skincare in general is an ongoing habit, not an overnight chore or a day to day errand that burdens us and disrupts our flow. Below, are 7 things we do or neglect in the mornings that are making us age faster..


1 || Over-Cleansing Your Face

Assuming you have slept with a cleansed, moisturized and treated complexion, this means that upon waking up your face is relatively still clean, add to that the natural oils that surface up are actually good for your skin. Over-cleansing and washing your face will strip your skin’s natural balance and disrupt its preferred pH.

Remember, overly dry skin means aged complexion, more visible wrinkles and pores, and a duller appearance. By simply splashing your face with lukewarm water will both wake you up and give you that fresh and clean feel.


2 || Neglecting These Two Crucial Products

It is quite shocking that a good number of women still do not believe in sunscreen, only reaching out for it when sunbathing during summer. Being unaware of the intensity of damage our skin is exposed to on a daily basis is the number one enemy for youthful looking skin. Not wearing sunglasses is another mistake a few women do, sunglasses are a necessity rather than an accessory, they provide protection to the most sensitive area in our face, the eyes! Moreover, and the second product that is often neglected is serum. Our environment is getting increasingly more polluted, our skin can only defy this by the use of antioxidants, which mostly come in the form of serums. Look for formulas with vitamins C, E, ferulic acid, green tea or lycopene.


3 || Not Breaking A Sweat

It is a surefire fact that morning workouts bring the best out of us, be it mentally, physically and emotionally. Daily workouts are great, however, morning ones are the main cause for the skin to look as vibrant and awake as ever. People generally look younger after they’ve worked out. Without exercise, you may appear pale and deal with dull skin.


6 Early Hours Habits


4 || Pouring Yourself A Second Cup Of Coffee

There’s no arguing that a second or even third cup of morning coffee is blissful to many of us out there, however, try to balance the amount of coffee or tea with the same amount of water in order to keep your hydration game operating at its best.. Not only can skin be drier as a result, but your pores may also be more visible because your skin isn’t as supple.


5 || You Sweeten Your Mornings With Sugar

We are living in times when awareness of the disadvantages of sugar to our bodies is skyrocketing. Say no to sugar! Not doing so means you’re saying yes to wrinkles and acne. Scientifically speaking, when you eat sugar a process called glycation occurs, where the sugar in your bloodstream attaches to proteins, forming new molecules called advanced glycation end products, or AGEs for short. These AGEs damage nearby protein fibers that keep skin elastic.


6 || You’re Suffocating Your Skin With Too Much Foundation

Over doing it with foundation was never the solution to cover up uneven skin tone or blurring fine lines. In fact, this draws more attention to your skin issues. Add to that, your pores will get suffocated and chances of breaking out will increase. Mature skin needs makeup containing hydrators like hyaluronic acid to help plump and smooth lines, . Use a sponge when you apply, so that you use a lighter layer and can blend it in.


6 Early Hours Habits