3 Facial Features That Will Keep You Looking Young All Your Life

It’s time we gave genetics some well-deserved attention! When it comes to aging, genetics play a big role, more like ‘the’ main role in determining how you will look like in the years to come. The best way to take your cue from could be right in front of your eyes; your mother! What is your mom’s primary concern when it comes to her skin and facial features? Is it pigmentation? Is it droopy eyelids, eye wrinkles or double chin? Could be the neck area, under eye hollowness, slouchy cheekbones or thinning lips. Whatever that genetic feature is, use it as a signal, make it your top priority right now in terms of skincare and beauty goals..That specific area should automatically put you in fright mode.. It’s now or never!

That said, and if you were really lucky when it comes to your genes, scoring these three naturally given facial features will guarantee you will always look younger than your peers no matter what your age is.


The Facial Characteristics That Contribute To A Younger Looking Face


1 || High Cheekbones 

Of the three, if you’re blessed with nice, high prominent cheekbones, you definitely hit the jackpot. Regardless of the quality of your skin’s texture (a lot of sun damage vs a little damage), it will not lose its tone as much since it essentially gets ‘hung up’ on the cheekbones and doesn’t drop as quickly. People pay a lot of money to have cheek implants put in since this is known to be the key to a young-looking face. Simply put, prominent cheekbones + fewer sagging jowls = a younger look.


High Cheekbones cameron diaz


2 || A Full Face With Natural Volume

Having a full voluminous face is another blessing when it’s genetically given to you.. You are considered blessed when your face is actually the first to show your body weight gain.. This means you have an increased number of fat cells (pads) in your skin. Consider yourself lucky since it’s very beneficial for having a youthful look. As we age, especially starting in the 40s when the estrogen hormone starts to decline, we lose that natural plumpness in our face. To counteract this, people will start having fat or cosmetic dermal filler injections to prevent a hollow, sunken-in look.

Another way to maintain your face volume is to avoid extreme weight loss. Skinny women risk the dangers of losing fat layers from their faces. The result we be very obvious in terms of having large pores, indented acne scars, lines and wrinkles.. Whereas any indent in the skin can be plumped up when there is something underneath that helps fill them out.; a.k.a fat or fillers..


Natural Volume


3 || A Strong And Firm Neckline

Being the first area to show weakness in defying gravity, the neck area is also known to be essential to a youthful-looking face. Signs of sagging begin to show sooner than you may think. Avoiding the ‘turkey neck’ is crucial in earlier years and have to be given attention by maintaining it with skincare that avoids aging. General rule is whatever you’re applying on your face should extend down to your neckline and chest area. A firm neck= A younger look.


firm neck


The perfect example of a 62 year-old woman blessed with the 3 above facial features without giving in to the plastic surgery craze is actress Bo Derek.. Despite the wrinkles apparent on her face, she still has a tight neck, high cheekbones and a round full face.. 


Bo Derek