Will Glow-Boosting IV Treatments Become The New Age Of Beauty?

Glow-Boosting IV Treatments

To us, beauty always came in various forms and shapes; be it creams, serums, vitamin pills or treatments.. The thought of an IV drip playing a major role in boosting a glow has surely never crossed your minds! We’re here to tell you that it exists.. Welcoming a new era of beauty approaches..

We always tend to associate IVs with sickness and wellness, hospitals and emergency rooms, some even joke about badly needing them to treat hangovers.. However, the possibility that IV drips could be used for something as vain as making your skin look dewier is starting to become more and more appealing these days.. After all it’s 2018 and 2019 is just around the corner! So it makes total sense to accept such an approach…

Come to think of the many ways celebs go way beyond our imaginations in adopting beauty procedures, maybe that’s what differentiates them from us – mere mortals.. Truth be told; IVs have now made their way to celebrities’ lavish bedsides, into hotel rooms, and all over Instagram.


Glow-Boosting IV Treatments


Basically, if you’re feeling under the weather after a long night partying, or just feeling sick and in need of a vitamin C boost.. Some services are now available to send you a pro who can be at your doorstep with a needle in an hour. You can officially get vitamins, nutrients, and hydration delivered straight into your bloodstream, all with the promise of giving you brighter, glowier skin.


What Makes IV Drips Very Special?

Beauty IV drips have the ability to enrich your system internally, by providing direct doses of hydration, antioxidants and vitamins straight into the blood stream.. This way, 100% absorption is guaranteed.. One of them is called Glutathione, the master antioxidant popular in pill form. It works to detox your liver and kidneys. Once those are detoxed, your skin is healthier and looks refreshed. Everyone calls it the glutathione glow.

Other IV drips offer more vitamins in addition to glutathione. Mixing glutathione with a high-dose of the most stable vitamin C which fights free radicals, and help stabilize the molecules from creating further degradation in your skin. To top it off, a lot of multivitamins are added to the recipe because when your body is feeling rundown, your skin can look dull and feel dry.


Glow-Boosting IV Treatments


Treatments usually take a maximum of 25 minutes and results are almost instantly noticeable.. Which confirms the fact that beauty starts from the inside.. Patients felt instantaneous added energy, a refreshed look on the face as well as diminished under eye bags and skin redness, fine lines appeared smoother, and cheeks looked rosier and plumper. Usually, those minor transformations as a result, are felt and seen more by the patient. Drinking at least three quarts of water throughout the day—carrying on throughout the week after should help flush any complexion-dulling waste from your system.

Let’s just hope that with time IV drip treatments will cost less.. However if you are looking for an unusual surefire way of getting you glowing we are here to tell you it’s damn worth every penny!