Sweating Is Good, Sweat Patches Are Not

Meghan Markle Sweating

We are all for sweating, the body’s natural way of cooling the body and releasing toxins. For those of us that sweat profusely however, sweating is almost a bad word.  If we were to use the fashionable term ‘detox’ would we view sweating more favorably I wonder..

Actually, we all know that sweating is a good thing, it’s just the repercussions that leaving us feeling a little flat in the hair , or worse, with sweat patches at our underarms.  I am sure we have all devised rules and regulations for avoiding the dreaded sweat patch.  Wearing clothes away from the body, wearing colors that don’t show sweat, in the process limiting our wardrobe choices drastically.  If we do indeed manage to accomplish the following, we are still left with the scent (to put things lightly).  You are still sweating, and therefore the chances of that sweat reacting with the fabric of your top to give off an unattractive scent is a big issue.  You could of course wear a short sleeved camisole underneath but that would only add to the initial problem, of your body feeling over-heated.

Meghan Markle, just back from her 6 week Christmas holiday (who does that) looked a little ‘hot’ in her fabulously chic terra-cotta colored sweater and leather skirt ensemble, with sweat-patches visible for all the world to see (literally) how embarrassing.  Well, in retrospect given the bomb of an announcement that they dropped shortly thereafter, we aren’t surprised she was sweating…


Meghan Markle Sweating


Have you heard of sweat pads? These will save the day when you are wearing a color (God forbid) that is sitting close to your body (OMG) and in a fabric that may stink (panic).  The pads are made of cotton, with a sticky back (not unlike a sanitary napkin actually) that sit right under your arm pit and fit perfectly at the seam of your sleeve and top.  These pads are very thin, and are undetectable.. sticking them into the top should be done once you have put your top on though, to ensure that they are placed correctly. They are disposable and conveniently sold on Amazon, which makes our lives that much easier.  Click here to get shopping!