How Well Armed Are You? || Holiday Season Sculpted Arms Solution

Arms Sculpt

Holiday season has merrily landed, party attire is currently being stacked in our wardrobes. Basically it’s all fun and games until the moment of truth arrives as you zip on that one sleeveless dress, baring your pale arms in a rather not-so-appealing appearance.. For those who haven’t been hitting the gym enough for reasons we totally understand; summer bodies and bikini vacations are by now a thing of the past, something about that flappy bit of skin that has taken over the territory of the triceps is depressing.. A wake up call indeed, how are you going to deal with it before your party mode is on?

A.k.a. bingo wings, many ladies are able to disguise with perfect shape wear specifically designed for this area, sheer and forms a perfect under-layer beautifully designed to wear underneath a sleeveless piece.

However, and when all seems not to work out as a long-term solution, – good diet and exercise as well- good news comes in.. Forget liposuctions especially when modern non-surgical interventions are now available, offering the most practical non-invasive procedure to permanently remove undesired accumulations of fat from upper arms.. Little to no downtime mostly, those stubborn little pockets of fat drooping and sagging from our arms can finally be addressed in an effective and safe manner..

Introducing cool sculpting, a brilliant procedure which removes excess arm fat for more definition and contouring. However, for best results, one needs to relatively be on their slimmest side already..

Cool sculpting is a technique that uses low temperatures in order to freeze the chunks of fat cells. Where do they go? The manage to exit their way out of the body along with one’s urine..The procedure was first discovered by two Harvard doctors who noticed that children who ate ice lollies often lost cheek fat…!


Arms Sculpt


How Does it Operate?

By using two connected palm size metals, which later turn very cold, the problematic area is then clasped while being suctioned simultaneously. This traps the arm area and that’s when the fat freezing process begins. It is quite unpleasant and there is deep tingling sensations accompanied by it. After which, all goes numb and all you have to wait for is the remaining of that hour or so duration to pass by.. Arms might turn red, then purple. Last part comes when the plates are removed, that’s when the technician starts to massage the frozen fat to break it up; between 20 and 40 per cent of it will be expelled over the next 12 weeks..


Best When Combined With EMsculpt..

A procedure so new that it was licensed for use on arms only at the end of September. After getting rid of excess fat cells, EMsculpt comes as a natural secondary treatment that triggers muscle growth and buildup. There is some muscle twitching and electric buzzing, however, four sessions of EMsculpt post 3 sessions of cool sculpting is the best case scenario for holiday ready enviable arms..