Sparkling Water || The Secret To Brighter And Better Skin

Sparkling Water-Brighter Skin

Dermatologists agree on this. So don’t panic.. Another household item that holds within a beauty secret is Seltzer water!

The origins of this effective beauty trend is unsurprisingly Korean beauty.. Always known to be ahead of the beauty game, K-beauty’s sparkling water skin trend is becoming viral. Washing your face with seltzer water has seriously amazing skin benefits.


Sparkling Water-Brighter Skin


# K-beauty products widely use carbonated water in their ingredients.. Sheet masks and toners has long been a trend in Japan and Korea.

# Another way of incorporating the use of seltzer water is purely DIY.. By applying a generous amount of sparkling water on your face, submerge your face in a tub of sparkling water, apply a towel soaked in sparkling water on your skin, and wash off your cleanser with sparkling water.

# Blackhead removal is also another benefit of using sparkling water.. When you wash your face with carbonated water the molecules are absorbed into your pores and help to pull out dirt and waste.

# Mineral water can help keep the cells between collagen fibers strong, aiding overall firmness and plumpness of the skin.


The result…

Carbonated water amps up the bloodstream on your skin, which in turn creates an overall brighter, flushed, glowy complexion. Call it the fuzzy face cleanse!

If you have sensitive skin, be sure to slowly work carbonated water into your routine though. Use it along with a mild cleanser.