Are the Dark Shadows Around Your Bikini Haunting You

dark shadows bikini

You may have exercised hard all winter long for the perfect bikini bod, but those dark shadows around your bikini line and inner thigh haven’t gotten any lighter… Do you suffer from skin discoloration around your privates and inner thighs? At times these shadows are found in the underarm area also…

The good news is you are not alone, these darker patches of skin could be caused by a number of factors and thankfully there are a variety of remedies as well.


The Causes

The causes of this skin discoloration vary from person to person. In some cases it is hereditary, and is in fact a form of hyperpigmentation. This darkening occurs when an excess of melanin, the brown pigment that produces normal skin color, forms deposits in the skin. Meaning that it has little to do with your behavior. It just happens… Hyperpigmentation has been known to flare up with heat, so avoiding tight clothing could help, in addition to cotton underwear which allows for more breathability.

In other cases it is a result of too much shaving to the area which darkens the root of the hair. Another cause could be chafing, which is created when thighs rub against each other, or rub against very tight clothing.


bikini shadows



One of the first recommendations is to exfoliate. The area in question is extremely delicate and so a non-abrasive exfoliator is recommended. This will slough away a layer of dead skin and help brighten the skin.

When it comes to home remedies there are three ingredients that can be used to alleviate this problem, lemon juice, aloe vera and baking soda. As with most, the results vary although improvements have been noted with consistent use.


bikini shadows


If you feel that dark-rooted hairs are the cause, then laser hair removal could be a good option, provided that your skin isn’t dark enough for a laser burn. When hair is removed by laser, not only does the hair root die and fall away, the pore itself is minimized, creating a smoother, clearer surface.


bikini shadows


Skincare Ingredients

When it comes to available beauty ingredients to help with darker skin, vitamin C serums are known to brighten the skin, Dermaceutic’s C25 is what we love. Hyper-pigmentation facial creams are also readily used to solve the problem, Dermaceutic have a fantastic Yellow cream that effectively reduces the condition.


dermaceutic cream


Hydroquinone is an ingredient which bleaches skin, creams containing hydroquinone are usually used as skin brighteners and whiteners. Naturally the percentage of the ingredient will determine the efficacy of the cream. A doctor will be able to recommend a cream with a higher dose of hydroquinone than those found over the counter at the pharmacy.

Last but not least is laser treatment. Long gone are the days when lasers could only be used on fair skin. Today there are a variety of effective laser skin lightening treatments, speak to your dermatologist about the best treatment for your skin.