The One Supplement That Covers Every Type Of Hair Loss

Hair Loss Supplement

Thinning hair is an ongoing drama to many.. While realizing and identifying the problem comes easy to many, finding the right supplement or treatment is a complicated issue that can be quite exhausting considering the endless supplements out there claiming to boost your roots from the inside out but unfortunately never boast the results they promise..

We at CIIN are always on the look-out for extraordinary products and supplements, and today we were enlightened! Introducing Nutrafol; an ultra-popular supplement that genuinely provides efficacy and is the master ingredient for shedding hair.. Whether you are looking for healthier hair or hair loss prevention, Nutrafol is your best bet, and it’s much different than the other hair supplements that solely provide nourishment in the form of vitamins, minerals and collagen . Why?


Hair Loss Supplement


Because Nutrafol goes one step further; stress, genetics, diet, and environmental toxins are other often ignored causes for hair loss. By combining stress adaptogens with anti-inflammatory ingredients, Nutrafol is able to help rebalance the body to achieve optimal hair growth. This is the reason behind its effectiveness, it covers more than one type of hair loss by nourishing the hair follicle while reducing the stress behind hair loss in the first place..

Formulated with 100% drug-free, nutraceutical ingredients clinically shown to improve hair growth. Nutrafol is developed by researchers & scientists, approved by over 850 physicians & loved by the world’s best top stylists.

According to New York plastic surgeon David Rapaport, MD,

’Without first fixing the root causes, the follicle may not be able to effectively absorb this nourishment [that other supplements provide], Nutrafol has 21 ingredients, and the most active components are the botanical nutraceuticals that have clinical efficacy against inflammation, stress hormones, oxidative damage and hormonal imbalances like DHT.”


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Meaning; not only does Nutrafol provide general nourishment to the hair, but it also provides ingredients that target the follicle and prevent stress- or hormonal- induced thinning in the first place. Nutrafol’s ingredients address the underlying issues that could cause thinning and only then provide the full spectrum of nourishment through vitamins, minerals and collagen.

Bottom line; with science being the secret weapon behind Nutrafol, it is worth the try..