4 Ways To Remove Your Smile Lines While Still Smiling!

Smile Lines

Laughter is the best medicine, only to fall into the trap of its facial consequences, believe it or not I know a few women who admit not using their facial muscles for any sort of expression to avoid facial lines.. Okay, we are not going to suggest that for sure, life’s short, but for those with deep smile lines on their faces, and who are annoyed by their appearance while being expressionless, especially when setting powders and foundationcozies in their folds and find a home within. We delve deep into the issue and provide solutions.. Is a facelift or plastic surgery their only option? Are dermal fillers a possible solution?


Smile Lines


What Are Smile Lines?

As you have seen above, those are the smile lines, another term for them is nasolabial folds. Which are the vertical lines that extend from the sides of the nose and curve around the mouth. They’re a natural part of aging and therefore can be tricky to treat unless your willing to opt for a cosmetic procedure.


Why Do We Get Them?

Naturally and with age, our collagen reservoir tends to diminish, eventually causingnatural loss of volume that occurs primarily in the face.. It’s good to know that our cheek compartment has seven fat pads that descend and shift with time. The shifting and moving of these pads is the reason behind the smile lines becoming more prominent..

Developing them is inevitable, but certain lifestyle factors can make them worse. Factors such as sun damage, sudden and drastic weight loss, a history of yo-yo dieting and heavy smoking..Over time these factors can deplete our natural collagen stores..


How Are They Treated?

There are so many ways out there to tackle the case of the smile lines.. But before we begin we encourage you not to panic, and by all means keep smiling, a happy face always looks younger!


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Invasive Procedures like mid-face-lifts ad thread lifts serve an option to treat smile lines, but this approach is an extreme one..


mid-face-lifts smile lines


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Fat Transfer. Liposculpting, which requires harvest from another site on the body, such as the stomach or thighs offers a permanent solution to smile lines, it’s long term and proven to be the ultimate approach..


Liposculpting smile lines


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Injectable Fillers..Restylane, Juvederm, and Radiesse, are all filler brands used to give extra volume to the area just next to the fold. The result will be a smoother transition from the cheek into the upper lip, creating a shallower appearing fold. If you’re not going to give in to facelifts and your smile lines are really bothering you, you can take the route of fillers, those that primarily contain hyaluronic acid.. Fillers improve the appearance of these lines. And have a more natural and immediate result. But beware of the visible lumps that can be their result sometimes..


Fillers Smile lines


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Retinols.A great skincare routine for maintenance and further prevention is to use skincare products rich in peptides and collagen-building properties, those can improve skin elasticity to help slow down the formation of smile lines and other kinds of wrinkles.


Retinols smile line


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Hydration. The mother of all beauty enhancers.. Avoid dry skin, as naturally it will look aged, wrinkled and cracked..


Hydration smile line