5 Beauty Reminders Before You Hit The Beach || Are You Fully Prepared?

Beach Beauty

Post this early 2020 staycation, we can finally dare to put our best ‘flip-flop’ forward and drive away to local resorts for that much needed summer vacay..  In fact, now we realize that missing out on Spring break has given our skin that extra time of TLC before sun exposure and extended our skin’s regenerative and rejuvenate processes, not bad!  However, and before we hit our beach destination, let’s check out CIIN’s top skin saving tips that will assure you enjoy your suntan, vitamin D and new found energy in the most flawless manner.


1 || Self Tanner Alert

Most of us had already resorted to self tanners towards the end of  this lockdown, that was actually a great way of upgrading our moods while getting ready to welcome the summer season. However, arriving tanned at your beach destination does not mean that your skin has in fact changed color, your pale-r skin underneath is still exposed to the dangers of UV rays, that requires your awareness of applying sunscreen to fend off sunburns. You can gradually switch to sun tanning lotions with less SPF for a naturally developed sun tan..


Beach Beauty


2 || The 5 S’s Of Sun Safety

Be wise, and keep in mind the 5 S’s that will guarantee a safe and enjoyable sun vacay..

# Slip on clothing: Cover skin as much as possible e.g. wear long sleeves, collared t-shirts, clothes made from close-woven material that does not allow sunlight through.

# Slop on broad-spectrum (UVA/UVB) sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 30+ for adults and 50+ for children, with high UVA protection, and water resistant. Reapply regularly.

#Slap on a hat with a wide brim: Protect your face, ears and neck.

#Seek shade: Sit in cover of trees to avoid direct sunlight.

#Slide on sunglasses with UV protection. Guard your eyes from harm and aging!


Beach Beauty


3 || Consider Supplements

While sunscreen protects, it never repairs. Meaning, cells that have been damaged by the sun need certain supplements to repair their DNA, otherwise, you will be speeding up cell aging and long-term skin damage.. Two of the most important vitamins are Niacin (B3) and Vitamin C.

B3 taken twice a day reduces the risk of nonmelanoma skin cancers by 23 percent. Niacin helps boost the natural DNA repair enzymes already in our bodies..

Vitamin C is another vital vitamin that is considered a top anti-oxidant. However, try to take it after a day in the sun, meaning evening time, as some studies suggest that combining vitamin C with sun speeds up hyper-pigmentation!  To know more click here 


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4 || Hair Protection

Sun protection is equally a must for your hair as well as your skin. Hair has an outside ‘skin’ like the hair’s cuticle to protect it. Once the outside of either gets damaged, the inside loses its excellence.. Color, strength, and moisture all get compromised without protection. Stock up on hair leave in conditioners, as well as hair sunscreens, they do exist from multiple brands.. To read more click here 


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5 || Warding Off Hyper-Pigmentation

If you happen to be a melanin-rich individual, chances are your risk of developing hyper-pigmentation is high. Nothing can ward off this type of pigmentation other than protection and maintaining. Sunscreen, cooling packs, avoiding heat, vitamins and certain foods are amongst the actions you can take on during a beach vacation. To read more click here 


Beach Beauty