Rihanna’s Vogue Makeup Tutorial Is All The Inspiration For This Summer

Rihanna’s Vogue Makeup Tutorial

Is there a single thing that Rihanna cannot master? With a little help from Fenty, Rihanna is here to show you how to wear real makeup.. In this 10 minute video for Vogue, Rihanna teaches us her contouring skills, her concealer goes and how to adapt your makeup to your current vibes!

We cannot help but stare at her angelic beautiful face, and get inspired by her technique where she stresses that the best teacher is yourself. Her favorite eyeshadow is a pinkish tone that screams love, summer, drama, sunsets and something else..! With a touch of highlighter she transforms her face into this fresh, glowing sun kissed canvas and her bottom line is that makeup is FUN.. Just play with it!