The Golden Angle Lift || The Facelift From Within

Golden Angle

It is that moment when you take a long stare at the mirror and realize that what you truly need is in fact beyond what Botox and fillers are providing you with.. Yes, your face is free from fine lines and wrinkles and the quality of your skin has reached its optimal best. However, you feel that you’re inclining towards the dreaded cushion face and your fillers don’t seem to be doing the job quite effectively. You ask yourself why? Why do I look more ’done’  than noticeably ’younger’?

This moment, for me, is the glorious moment of truth combined with some graceful maturity that every woman will witness at some point in her life.. The answer to that lies deep inside the anatomy of your face.. That’s when you realize that your face is asking for a lift of some sort, an invasive one that is. How to deal with such a situation is what I’ll be addressing today..

Introducing The Golden Angle Lift, a.k.a. The Angelina Jolie -most coveted- Jawline Lift..  The GAL is a surgical procedure performed to repair the specific facial ligaments that stretch out with age in the face.. Resulting in the face and neck contour noticeably improved.. It is the gold standard for age-related changes in the neck. Basically it goes deep into your facial tissues and repairs the loose ligaments. So, come to think about it, it’s not targeting the outer skin, it is focusing on the musculoskeletal system deeper inside.. This is what we call a long term procedure.


Golden Angle


During our mid 40’s, the facial bone structure tends to remodel. When the ligaments in our face stretch out, the connective tissue won’t behave as it did when younger. Meaning, there won’t be ideal elasticity.. What differentiates the Golden Angle Lift from traditional facelifts, is that it does not pull the skin tight, and there is no pulling or cutting of facial muscles, so patients’ faces won’t look distorted and windswept.  Instead, the Gal repairs the 3 critical supporting ligaments in our faces, to contour the cheek, jawline, and neck.


We have learned that the face does not age by simply deflation. You cannot just refill without any consideration or appreciation of a patient’s unique bone structure.  a personalized procedure for a beautifully rejuvenated jawline and neckline.


For the GAL a small incision is required that begins in the hairline right in front of the ear.. The result is a natural and sculpted look. Ten days for full recovery and you will get the Angelina Jolie’s face lift!