The Derriere Trial

Derriere Trial butt

For years now the world has complained about the unrealistic expectations created by Instagram and the many apps and filters used to perfection.  Well in addition to flawless skin and twinkly eyes, the woman’s derriere has also seen some dramatic, and unrealistic improvements.  Smooth, curvaceous and tanned, Instagram derrieres are a sight to be seen.  Making us all wonder about our less than perfect posteriors.

6 weeks ago, as the sun finally came out I bid farewell to my RetinA cream, Acretin 0.5. The active ingredient is tretinoin, which is a topical form of RetinA.  It’s formula certainly too strong for sunny weather.  I use this formula on my face during the winter with some potent sunscreen on top.  

An idea came to mind, and I swiftly rubbed a generous amount of the now-useless Acretin on my behind.  I wondered what would happen to the texture of my derriere with the application of RetinA?  

Over the past six weeks, I have applied RetinA to my behind 3-4 times a week in the evening.  On other days, I apply either Amina’s shower oil or Egyptian Magic balm (available at CIIN) to ensure that it stays soft.  The RetinA could cause irritation…

I am pleased to inform you that it worked!! The results are pretty dramatic, and it’s honestly too bad that I’m not the sort of person that is going to show off my derriere in a tanga bikini bottom style.

My derriere has become less pimply, it has become much smoother, and even more importantly, tighter..   It also has the ability to heal pimple scars over time, in addition to encouraging the skin to renew itself.  

If you’ve got some left over retinol that you don’t use in the summer, give it a try 🙂