The Most Efficient Way To Apply Face Creams || Are You Doing It Right?

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Our face creams are packed with goodness, and applying them is just pure bliss to many. Pampering your face skin is the best way of communicating with it, but are you doing it the right way? Are you someone who dabs, pats or rubs creams on your face? Is your cream sinking in or just surfacing up? Below are the three methods explained and the final verdict on which one to adopt for good..


Which Team Are You?

1 || The Dab or Pat

If you are team dabber/patter then you’re someone who takes some moisturizer in your hands, melting it or warming it up a little and then pressing your face with it just like you’re patting a dog… The best part of this method is the warming-up of the moisturizer, as it is a great way to get it sinking into skin faster. Heat pretty much makes anything happen faster!


Efficient Way To Apply Face Creams


2 || The Rub

If you are team rubber then you’re someone who spreads moisturizer the no-brainer way, by simply taking the moisturizer in your hands and rubbing it against your skin with heating up happening by default..


Efficient Way To Apply Face Creams


3 || The Tap

Team tapper? Then you are half way between the dab and the rub, by tapping in moisturizer you are automatically instigating blood flow to your face, this increases circulation and ‘feeds’ the skin more efficiently..


Efficient Way To Apply Face Creams


Turns out there are 3 scientific reasons which prove that dabbing or patting is the best way to apply your facial moisturizer…

1. Dabbing In Moisturizer Is Gentle For The Skin

Stop rubbing immediately and adopt the dabbing technique.. Dabbing is super gentle and non-irritating. Especially when it comes to areas around the eyes, where skin is anywhere from as thin as 0.5mm. Remember if you stretch it too much, it stays that way. Dabbing serves as a much less aggressive method and prevents wrinkles from developing due to the pulling and snapping..

2. Dabbing Gives The Skin A Concentrated Dose

While rubbing makes your face compete for moisturizer with your hands, dabbing leaves nice little micro-mountains of moisturizer for your skin to drink up with maximum penetration. Rubbing will just rub the cream OFF.

3. Dabbing Is The Way To Apply For Those With Sensitive Skin

If you are someone with skin that is prone to break-outs and redness, then dabbing should be your method, it soothes any sort of irritation and sinks in the creams gently, slowly but surely..


The Bottom Line

Rubbing your moisturizer in is so automatic, but your skin doesn’t like it. Pat it in with love and tender care: it keeps wrinkles off your face and makes your lotions and potions work much better.