Got Dark Circles? This Permanent Tattoo Will End Your Misery

permanent concealer

To say the least, the case of the under-eye dark circles is plain depressing, making one look exhausted, sleep deprived or sickly, almost like a curse. This extremely sensitive area can sometimes be the most stubborn to deal with.  All the efforts put and the money spent in order to rid the face of that miserable tint have proved both useless and temporary. As many of dark-circles sufferers see eye to eye, all attempts to brighten up the under-eye area ; be it meso injections, cosmetic surgery, expensive targeted skincare to say the least have failed tremendously.. 




To begin with, and before I disclose the latest breakthrough for eliminating dark circles, it is crucial to be aware of the two causes and types of dark circles. The first cause is pigmentation, which basically means there is darkening of color in the skin. This can be hereditary, but may also be caused by sun damage. The other cause of dark circles is dilated veins. When veins under the eye dilate, they become bigger and darker. This happens as a result of exhaustion, seasonal allergies and dietary factors.


How can you tell the difference?

The best way to ascertain the cause of your dark circles is with a pinch test, if you pinch the skin and lift it off the surface and it stays brown, this means you have a pigment concern. On the other hand, if the color looks better when you do this, you likely have an issue with dilated veins. 

Introducing the under-eye dark circles tattoo! Yes, for those of you in desperate need for a major transformation, I’m here to tell you pretty soon you can tattoo away that annoying halo with permanent under-eye concealer..




Cosmetic tattooing is becoming just as routine in the beauty world as a mani-pedi. Micro-blading eyebrows has boomed in the past five years, tattooed eyeliner has become a Godsend for people with alopecia and permanent lip liner provides a fuller pout without filler. It’s about time under-eye dark circles got a bit of attention!


What Is Permanent Under Eye Concealer And How Does It Work?

Under eye concealer tattooing is very similar to other permanent makeup treatments, in that pigment is inked into the skin via a cosmetic tattoo gun. By using a light toned pigment, dark skin can be camouflaged while the pigment sits one layer under the skin, acting like a buffer between the source of underlying darkness and the surface of the skin.



Before tattooing, an expert will detect the client’s unique skin tone using a special device, after which he/she will customize the perfect and permanent ink shade which will match perfectly with the client’s complexion.

The good news is that you will need one session only, and can live a normal life and expose it to sunlight knowing that your skin will not become stained, because the tattoo pigments are approved and give this security. An ointment like Bepanthen is used post tattooing to soothe the skin and promote healing. 

As any other treatment out there, permanent under-eye tattooing has a drawback; the eye area typically ages faster than the rest of the skin, so there is potential for the skin to sag and therefore move the positioning of the under eye pigment were it to be permanent.