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10 Concealer Hacks Makeup Artists Swear By!

Concealer Hacks Makeup Artists

Don’t you just love a good makeup hack when you see one! Then how about a whole bunch of hacks and all involving concealer no less. The single most important makeup item if there ever was one. Concealers not only work on hiding dark circles and breakouts; the concealer possibilities are endless. Read below if you want further proof to convince you of the value of a concealer tube, pot, stick or jar….


1 || Eye Shadow Primer

You can use your concealer to double as an eye shadow primer if you run out of one. Dab a dot on your eye lids using your ring finger and blend blend blend. Not only will it hold the eye shadow in place but it will make the color pop out beautifully.


Eye Shadow Primer


2 || Fuller Lips

Apply a lighter coloured concealer around your lips before you apply your lip products to give the easiest illusion of a fuller pout.


Fuller Lips


3 || Never Run Out

A simple yet genius hack to remember if you ever run out of concealer is to use the foundation bits that have settled inside the cap and around the opening of your foundation bottle. The consistency will be thicker and thus closer to concealer consistency.


concealer tips


4 || Lip Balm

Yup lip balm. Lip balm can be used to help have a crease-free concealer on lids and the under eyes. Apply concealer using your ring finger and soften the edges with a non-greasy lip balm. Not only does it provide hydration but it creates a sort of blurring effect around the eye area much like an image filter.


 Lip Balm


5 || Lighten Your Lipstick

If you want a nude lip just mix concealer with your lip balm. Otherwise if you want to lighten any lipstick color under the sun just dab some concealer on it. You can also create an ombré effect using concealer by applying a dot in the center of your bottom lip and bending it out with your finger. On top of that you can color correct the actual pigmentation of your lips using concealer.


Lighten Lipstick


6 || Contouring

For better contouring use different coloured concealers to highlight cheekbones and create subtle contours without having to resort to drying powders.




7 || Highlighter

Mix your concealer with a pearl-colored eye shadow to use instead of your highlighter. It will look much more natural and will last longer.




8 || Work The Edges

After applying your cat-eye liner or your eye shadow, grab a tiny brush with concealer and slide the brush from the corner of your eye upwards to create a sharp edge for your liner or shadow. It will provide an instant lifting effect.




9 || Acne Control

To cover up pimples and acne marks, use foundation first and then follow up with concealer on top. Use a brush and not your fingers on pimples to ensure the concealer stays put.


Acne Control


10 || Brighten Your Complexion

The simplest hack out there and one that can make you skip foundation altogether is to apply your concealer under the eyes and around the lips. You can also dab a bit around the nostrils as these are the areas prone to darkness or redness the most.


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