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What Alcohol Did to Your Skin in December and How to Combat that in January!!

Alcohol and Skin

We are aware that the holiday season wreaks havoc with your health routine so whether you are an abstainer or you simply try to limit your alcohol intake, you should be aware that with each extra glass your reach out for there are adverse effects happening in your body. In this article we are more interested in the effects of alcohol on your biggest organ; your skin. Read below for the effects and the solutions…


Alcohol and Skin


1 || Hormonal Breakouts

Alcohol consumption is immediately related to hormone-related breakouts. This comes as a result of the adverse effects of alcohol on the nervous system which in turn negatively affects the adrenal glands resulting in a condition called “Adrenal Fatigue” which contributes to adult breakouts.


2 || Puffiness

It is no secret that alcohol consumption creates skin bloating and puffiness, which in turn puts pressure on the pores and can also lead to more blemishes.


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3 || Inflammation and Redness

Alcohol creates redness in the skin which is prompted by damage to the capillaries. The blood vessels in the face lose their elasticity and become permanently wide after constantly widening and shrinking as a result of drinking. This leaves the face with the abhorred appearance of broken capillaries under the skin, especially around the nose and cheeks. For ladies with a case of rosacea, drinking can only make the situation worse.


4 || Aging

IF the above reasons weren’t enough to scare you then this one most probably might! Drinking alcohol will make you age faster…alcohol fatigues the connective tissues in the skin resulting in sagging skin.


Alcohol and Skin


5 || Depletes Vitamins

Alcohol exhausts the skin and body’s vitamin supply, thus preventing oxygen and nutrients from reaching the skin. And we would be most concerned with vitamin A as it is the one responsible for cell renewal.


6 || Dehydration

This is also a well known side effect of drinking, however this is a temporary condition. But recurrent dehydration also contributes to a quickening of the aging process.

However, all is not lost and there is still time to reverse these effects if you follow the tips below.


1 || Cutting Down

This is a no-brainer but cutting down on alcohol consumption is key.


2 || Water & Sleep

Upping your water intake and getting adequate sleep are very important at this stage.


3 || Skin Hydration

Aim to increase the skin’s hydration by using ultra hydrating serums and masks during this period such as Clinique Pep-Start Double Bubble Purifying Mask , or SkinCeuticals Hyaluronic Acid Intensifier.


4 || Detox

Try some detoxing products to flush out antioxidants and aid the skin’s regeneration process, such as Estée Lauder Nightwear Plus Antioxidant Detox Creme, or Ren Invisible Pores Detox Mask.


5 || Combat Redness and Inflammation

Choose products that specifically target skin redness such as Mario Badescu Calma Mask or cover it up with Perricone MD No Concealer Concealer.


6 || Fight Hormonal Acne

Try the below products to fight hormonal acne that results from Adrenal Fatigue, such as La Roche-Posay Effaclar K, or anything with tea tree oil from your local pharmacy.