Our Beauty Editor Uncovers What Bassam Fattouh’s Cushion Like Primer Truly Covers

bassam fattouh cosmetics

Personally, I was never a big fan of primers. I just felt that adding yet another layer after my serum, SPF-infused moisturizer or any other cream was pretty uncalled for. Applying makeup on 20 minutes after my skincare routine used to allow my creams to sink in and absorb perfectly. Over and above, I am not an oily skin type.

I was mistaken! 

During a recent trip to London, a makeup pro actually convinced me that – from an avid skincare addict’s perspective- ruling out primer was like skipping your base coat pre nail color; the color pigment in your nail polish will easily seep inside your exposed nail and make it hard to remove later on. Turns out primer serves that same purpose; without it, makeup will get absorbed and cause problematic skin mishaps. Applying primer protects your skin..    

Being a big fan of the no-makeup-makeup-look, demanded the need for that one primer, which would mattify any existing shine while simultaneously banish blemishes.. A few weeks later I was introduced to Cushion-Like Primer by the renown Lebanese makeup artist Bassam Fattouh.. The rest is swell!



The minute I touched up my face with Cushion Like’s shea-butter-ish primer I felt the transformation. ( FYI, a little amount goes a long way) .. This brilliant product felt incredibly soft to the touch, invisibly hydrating and it instantly smoothed and evened out the texture of my skin. Pores seemed to have vanished in a flash.. Existing wrinkles and fine lines blurred in the same manner. That flawless makeup-less skin was in fact enough for me.. However, the magic didn’t end there. 

Having applied it early in the morning, by 6p.m. my made-up face was surprisingly still put. No makeup slid off or got absorbed by my skin. Moreover, the tiny broken capillaries around my nose area remained concealed.. I felt their was a counter effect to Bassam Fattouh’s Cushion Like primer, it seemed to have absorbed any extra oil on my t-zone while simultaneously hydrating the drier areas of my complexion! Seriously, what more could I wish for? 


bassam fattouh cosmetics


Turns out, most of my skincare-obsessed gals out there voted for Cushion Like, which proves that quality beats all.. The idea that you are applying a great cosmetic  product that cares for your skin is an added bonus.. It’s also practically ideal for all skin types, leaving your skin looking toned and firm with a natural finish. 

I couldn’t help but wonder, an outstanding makeup artist like Bassam Fattouh would only create a product that ministers to his needs, he knows what kind of texture, finish and composition he prefers and thinks ideal, and he succeeded in bringing it to exisistence! After all, he is the first Arab makeup artist who has launched his namesake makeup brand worldwide, and how!