Gwyneth Paltrow’s ‘Goop Genes’ Promises A Wrinkle-Free Complexion

gwyneth-paltrows-goop gene-wrinkle-free

In Goop We Trust!

If you’re a fan of Gwyneth Paltrow you will surely be aware of her Goop products..

The most recently launched is Goop Genes; a vanilla-tasting beverage that promises to avoid fine line formation while improving the skin’s collagen structure..

Goop Genes can be added to water or smoothies, Paltrow’s belief that solely layering creams and serums won’t cut it.. Which explains her own take on the undeniably popular drinkable collagen craze.

gwyneth-paltrows-goop gene-wrinkle-free

“I’m starting to understand that with age, if I was exhausted, jet-lagged, off a plane, or had too much to drink the night before, I could really see it on my face,” she told InStyle. “I started to make the connection: Your skin and overall countenance is only as good as what’s happening internally.”


What Makes Goop Genes So Special Though?

Simply put? Where it comes from… We all know that the byproduct of caught fish (the skin and bones) are the richest source of collagen, therefore her team turned to wild Alaskan pollack as the source. By utilizing this byproduct, Goop Genes came to life!

“We’re very committed at goop to making the highest quality, cleanest products we can. For something like collagen, when we started to research, a lot of collagen comes from cows at factory farms and is heavy in heavy metals and antibiotics. Some people don’t want to eat anything that came from a cow,” she says.


Goop Genes Ingredients

1 || Marine collagen from wild alaskan pollock

Easily digestible collagen peptides support skin moisture and elasticity. Marine collagen supports healthy collagen density, plumper skin, and improved texture.

gwyneth-paltrows-goop gene-wrinkle-free

2 || Ceramosides® Phytoceramides

Targets wrinkles by preserving skin barrier function and improving the skin’s ability to retain moisture.

gwyneth-paltrows-goop gene-wrinkle-free

3 || Aloe Vera Concentrate

Concentrated juice from the inner leaf of aloe vera.

gwyneth-paltrows-goop gene-wrinkle-free

4 || Astareal® Astaxanthin

The most studied astaxanthin from freshwater microalgae protects and supports skin hydration, promotes smooth skin, and targets the specific free radicals that can damage your skin.

Astaxanthin Is:

  • 500 times stronger than Vitamin E
  • 560 times stronger than Green tea catechins
  • 800 times stronger than CoQ10
  • 3,000 times stronger than Resveratol
  • 6,000 times stronger than Vitamin C


gwyneth-paltrows-goop gene-wrinkle-free

Cherry on top? The beverage tatste sweet, almost like candy. And just like anything else that promises to give noticeable results; commitment is the name of the game..

Drinking the recommended one glass a day for about three months and then reassessing is key. Moreover, maintaining a thorough skincare routine and drinking enough water would maximize results..