9 Tips That Will Make Your Botox Last Longer And Longer


Preservation skills are often downplayed, however, not following certain actions post undergoing wrinkle-reducing injections might shorten their efficiency span. Botox injections is not something you get to do everyday, add to that quite expensive, therefore maintaining a smart preservation plan after is very crucial and will most definitely make it last longer..

Below, I’ve compiled 10 ways and behaviors that will expand the timeline of Botox injections..


1 || Sleeping Tips

While sleeping ‘carefully’ is hard to practice, and sleeping upright after botox turned out to be a myth, managing to fall asleep on your back is at least doable. You never know you might end up waking in that same position too. So, that’s one thing. As for your pillow, Botox or no Botox,  it’s about time you start using a silk pillowcase, it helps minimize lines and creases on the face and neck.


2 || Sun Safety Measures

This fact will make you a believer; it has been proven that sun exposure increases the enzyme collagenase that breaks down the collagen faster.. Always minimize your sun exposure and specifically after you’ve done your Botox. Sun and smoking are major culprits for Botox not lasting long.


3 || Skincare Tips

As this should be an already established regimen prior Botox injections, maintaining optimal skincare will in fact make you in need for Botox injections at a much lower rate. Always keep in mind a few key active ingredients and make sure your products have them. Retinol, hyaluronic acid, peptides, vitamin C and antioxidants are our top recommended. Those create a strong base that will support your Botox injections.


4 || Supplement Tips

Botox injections may have longer lasting effects when paired with zinc supplements. Load up on it.


5 || Maintenance Tips

Planning regular and consistent visits for your Botox injections will create a pattern where your muscles will develop memory in treated areas.. A really good Botox professional who knows that Botox is both a science and an art is another way that’ll ensure its longevity.. Do your homework, be consistent with maintenance and enjoy flawless results always..




6 || Tips On Treatment Options

Choosing and combining certain treatments is crucial for Botox longevity. Combing Botox with other laser treatments as add-ons such as micro needling and radio frequency is key. Talk to your dermatologist and discuss your suitable options..


7 || Exercising Tips

Exercise stands as a physical aspect affecting the results and endurance of your Botox injections.  Frequently vigorous exercise causes Botox to wear off. Muscle strain especially in the first 24 hours following Botox injections must be avoided. The reason behind this is that exercise increases blood flow through the muscles and can potentially diffuse the Botox.


8 || Additional Tips

Don’t forget the following. Do not consume alcohol at least one day prior to and after your Botox injection.. Refrain from taking any anti-inflammatory/blood thinning medications for at least 14 days before your procedure. If the area you want to treat with Botox has any  rashes, cold sores, or blemishes reschedule your appointment. Don’t undergo any facial/laser skin rejuvenation treatment for at least ten days after your Botox procedure. Avoid sun and heat for at least 72 hours and always wear sunblock (SPF 30 or higher) when you’re out in the sun.


9 || Tips on lifestyle

Last but not least, a balanced diet/ sleep/ nutrition plan alongside leading a stress-free lifestyle all contribute to the success of and longevity of your Botox. One word that you need to keep in mind is cortisol. This hormone when elevated in your system will break down collagen and Botox.. My advice? Chill..