Your Clothes Are Aging Your Skin And Tank Tops Are The Biggest Culprit

Clothes-Skin-Tank Tops

As surprising as it may seem, realizing the fact that your usual chosen attire might be another reason for skin aging is not quite what you were prepared to hear today! We understand, but aren’t we really big believers in the fact that preventing skin damage is so much easier and less expensive than trying to get rid of it once it appears.

Day in day out, perfecting the game of skincare all depends on every single decision you make.. My question to you today will be;


How much skin are you showing with your clothing choices?


Clothes-Skin-Tank Tops


Before you answer why don’t you consider this; are you wearing sunscreen on your chest on a daily basis, that is of course assuming that you are wearing clothes that expose your décolleté and chest… Picture this scenario, when you wear a tank top as part of your daily wardrobe or during outdoor exercise, your chest is front and center for receiving major sunlight being blasted right onto your skin. This occurs regardless of whether it’s in summer or fall. When the skin is exposed, you’re getting it. This sun damage will show up later in life in the form of wrinkles, brown spots, dilated capillaries and crepiness.


Clothes-Skin-Tank Tops


Ladies, pay attention to what areas of the body your clothes reveal! Pre 40’s you might not grasp that fact, but once you hit 40 and start going up the age ladder, sun damage on your skin will be noticeable! Coming in strong as well, especially on your chest. Always made a decision to use clothing as an easy-hassle-free way to protect your skin. Tank tops on a typical hot summer day call for being really good about sunscreen application. Pt it this way, isn’t it much easier to protect the skin with clothing than having to fuss with sunscreen application?



‘No one has ever said, “I wish I protected my skin less when I was younger.”

Preventing skin damage is so much easier and less expensive than trying to get rid of it once it appears. If you’re in your teens reading this and you start paying attention to what you wear, you will be so ahead of the game later on.