Vitamin F || The Latest Obsession For More Supple Skin

Vitamin F-Supple Skin

Vitamins have always played a major role in our lives, compensating for deficiencies or insufficiencies has always aided in maintaining the optimal healthy balance we all thrive for.. Generally speaking, people are mostly familiar with the famous ABC’s – vitamins A, B and C- other beauty addicts became believers in vitamins K, E and H, however there is one very essential vitamin that people are still unaware of.. Introducing vitamin F…

Vitamin F, the latest answer to more effective skin care formulations, is having a moment! Known to be a vitamin that facilitates its active-ingredient counterparts such as vitamin C for example, vitamin F proves to further provide the skin with wonderful nutrients.. Typically seen in skin-nourishing formulations such as linoleum acid, vitamin F exists in a trio of popular oils; olive, safflower and sunflower..


What benefits come from this powerhouse ingredient /vitamin F ?

Vitamin F is probably best known for its ability to hydrate, plump and heal and fight acne. Moreover, this unpopular vitamin acts as an excellent carrier oil that can “get below” the surface of the skin. That’s why it is often used to facilitate the penetration of other active ingredients such as antioxidants. Other unique rewards are its intensely hydrating properties that can improve the skin’s moisture barrier, resulting in more supple, glowing skin.


Vitamin F-Supple Skin


Other wildly popular essential oils containing vitamin F are organ, reship and chia.. The collection of unsaturated fats present in them like omega-3 -6 -9s that our bodies need to obtain from diet is purely vitamin F.. Scientifically speaking, these oils are essential building blocks of our skin barrier, making up around 40 percent of the dry weight of our cellular membranes.

So far, vitamins F have been used to treat atopic dermatitis, used as transdermal delivery enhancers, and new studies suggest expedited healing of wounds.