Your Favorite Wool Scarf Might Be Culprit To This Skin Problem

Wool Scarf

During winter, sometimes it’s humid with snow, sometimes bitter cold and dry, that’s the horrid situation winter weather brings along. We are all familiar and equally surviving harsh winter conditions, dryness being our primary concern. However, breaking out is our bottom concern, how can we break out when we are dealing with ‘dry’ skin?  Nevertheless, we constantly find ourselves dealing with painful, red and usually hard and lumpy break-outs.. Many people suffer from them at the  jawline and neck areas..  Ever wonder:  why now?!

After a considerable amount of research, we have noticed a pattern in terms of acne location. Breakouts mostly correspond to where your scarf gathers around the neck.. The same applies to where a coat or jacket collar rubs against the skin.

That awkward moment when you realize your favorite wooly winter scarf is the culprit behind your most annoying cystic acne episodes..!

Believe it or not, the hairs from a scarf will get onto the skin and cause irritation and breakouts. They also trap the oil around your neck and jawline. That lovely scarf/ dirt and sweat combo should be acknowledged. This perfect breeding grounds for bacteria clustering will cause pimples to eventually pop up in. 


Wool Scarf


As most dermatologists might agree upon, consider the following statement,


We cling to our scarves to keep us warm in winter. We also squash them into bags and carelessly throw them around. Think about where you put that scarf of yours. We can imagine that it is frequently used, and we bet, rarely washed. If you’re wrapping this dirty item around your neck on a daily basis, then it’s pretty obvious as to why you may be experiencing neck acne


Sweat, make up remnants and general day to day dirt are transferring germs from your everyday accessories straight to your skin. It is easy to pick up germs on fabrics like scarves and gloves, and they can live on those fabrics for as long as 90 days or more..


Wool Scarf


How To Deal?

  1. Wash your wool accessories. Clean them as regularly as your clothes and be aware of where they lie when they’re not keeping you warm.
  2. Cleanse your neck. If you feel a little hot under the (knitted) collar and know you’re prone to perspiring, make sure you wash your neck as well as your face. This will stop any bacteria that lies in your clothing, from transferring to your skin.
  3. Mix up your knits. Avoid wearing the same scarf day after day to reduce the build up of bacteria.
  4. Choose natural fabrics. Natural cotton grows very few germs, while the microbes continues to swarm over polyester and synthetic nylon was a great refuge for propionibacterium acnes, a species of bacteria that causes acne.