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Jarrah Honey is the New Superfood to Know!!

Jarrah Honey

Manuka honey move aside….. there’s a new kid in town..enter Jarrah honey!

A Western Australian product, Jarrah honey is a monofloral honey that comes from the Jarrah tree with the botanical name of Eucalyptus Marginata. Western Australia is known to be among the last disease and pest free areas of the world due to the fact that it applies strict and rigorous laws to protect its environment as well as strictly quarantining any suspicious interstate or overseas products. Thus Australian honey is famous for being free of any chemicals or antibiotic residues.


Jarrah Honey


The jarrah tree is a huge tree that lives up to a 1000 years and can grow up to 40 meters in hight and 3 meters in diameter. Jarrah honey or liquid gold is, unfortunately, quite costly and very difficult to obtain since this tree blooms every two to three years if temperatures exceed 25 Celsius and there is adequate rainfall. Jarrah honey has all the benefits of manuka and more, it’s added value is in the fact that jarrah honey’s active component is a naturally occurring hydrogen peroxide that has double the antimicrobial features of manuka while maintaining the sweetness.

All it takes is one spoon in the morning or mixed with lemon for an added boost. If you were lucky enough to get your hands on a jar that is.


Jarrah Honey
Jarrah Honey
Jarrah Honey
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Jarrah honey’s numerous benefits include:

1 || Skin and Fungal Infections

Jarra honey has the ability to treat all kinds of skin infections, as well as having antifungal properties making it very efficient in the treatment of candida. Due to its antimicrobial properties, jarrah honey is also the perfect antidote for a sore throat.


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2 || Diabetes

It is also very useful for diabetics because of its low glucose levels and low glycemic index making it helpful in reducing insulin response in the body as well as reducing blood cholesterol levels.


Jarrah Honey


3 || Skin Care Properties

Jarrah honey has three times more antioxidants than manuka honey thus it helps in activating cell renewal, stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, as well as helps fight acne. It is also used to relieve burns and sunburns.


4 || Mouth Ulcers and Bad Breath

Jarrah honey fights the stomach bacteria Helicobacter Pylori that is responsible for causing ulcers and bad breath. It also helps in the case of heartburn.


Jarrah Honey