The Interesting Reason Behind Opening Our Mouths While Applying Mascara Revealed

opening mouths while applying mascara

One of the involuntary acts that our body tends to do is something familiar to all women out there.. Did you know that 9 out of 10 women will drop their jaws wide open while applying mascara! The reason? Purely scientific!

We referred to body language experts, and according to Blanca Cobb,

“ ’mascara mouth’ is simply a subconscious action that most of us don’t even notice. Cobb admits that no one really knows for sure why we keep our mouths open when fixing up our luscious lashes, but it’s most likely down to nerves cross-firing. As we try and keep our eyelids as still as possible to avoid a nasty jab in the peeper with a jagged mascara wand, we’re battling to control our facial muscles. Two sets of different nerves are responsible for the movement of our eyelids and mouth, but they’re located in the same area. Hence, when we aim to control one we’re most likely causing the other to fire, leading to our lips parting.”


opening mouths while applying mascara

That established, you will find it hard to consciously undo the act as it is a naturally reinforced behavior.. we bet you’re gonna try to do it next time you’re applying your makeup!