A Recipe For Firm Skin || How To Maintain Your Elastin

Firm Skin

When it comes to the inevitable, skin firmness and aging are bound to get relatable at a certain point, however, inversely..  As we age, three very important youth-giving factors tend to gradually decline; fat, collagen and elastin.. Today We are going to nail down a guaranteed  recipe where you can at least maintain those three factors in the most effective way, to keep your skin at its healthiest, firmest best.


What Is Firm Skin?

Firm skin is skin that looks and feels good no matter your age. It is the quality of the inside that defines firm and taut skin. A combination of healthy skin that is plump, beautifully moisturized and supple.

The opposite case scenario is saggy, rough-looking, dry and wrinkly skin. Many damaging factors are behind that horrible skin status. Sun, pollution, smoking are the main culprits that cause free radical damage and this eventually translates into skin crepiness and loss of density.


Firm Skin


As we’re always advocates of the beauty-comes-from-within scheme, we genuinely believe that the topical and ingestible approach is the best when it comes to achieving supercharged skin, a state where the body’s collagen and elastin are designed and enhanced to get a complexion so smooth, firm and young-looking.. What’s not to love?

Simply put but detailed below is the fact that you will need an amazing skincare routine in order to get firmness.. Skin care that deeply hydrates and gently exfoliates with alpha and/or beta hydroxy acids, as well as formulas that contain powerful antioxidants, like vitamin C, can all make a difference in your skin, in both the short and long term.


9 Things You Must Do In Order To Get Firm Skin No Matter Your Age…


1 || Cook Your Own Collagen!

Don’t just sit and watch as your skin slowly looses its collagen, go ahead and manufacture your own… By taking collagen supplements or powders, and by religiously sticking to a nightly skincare routine with retinoids, you will be triggering collagen and supporting the appearance of smooth, firm and  hydrated skin from the inside out.


Firm Skin


2 || Moisturize With A New Attitude…

One thing that most ladies never knew about is the fact that moisturizers protect us from free-radical damage.. Why? Simply because dry and dehydrated skin is very vulnerable and leads to oxidative stress, which generates free radicals. Without moisture, your skin isn’t able to repair itself and suffers even more damage. You just have to use the right product. Look for ingredients such as cholesterol, ceramides, essential fatty acids, and niacinamide in your next jar or bottle of moisturizing cream, those are the secrets to improve your skin’s protective moisture barrier.


Firm Skin


3 || Fight Free Radicals – Wholeheartedly…

One word; antioxidants.. The superheroes of skin care. They protect skin from all the evil forces in the environment, plus block an enzyme called elastase that breaks down elastin. Choose products containing several different antioxidants, those with vitamins A and C and coenzyme Q10 in synergy are your best option. Astaxanthin and L-Glutathione are other ingestible powerhouses.


Firm Skin


4 || Exfoliate Often..

By using both physical and chemical scrubs and exfoliators, such as toners, masks and creams, infused with ingredients like lactic, salicylic  acids, you will be leaving skin clean, smooth, and radiant every single  time. This will enhance the absorption of any targeted product you apply as the skin will become more permeable. Any product you apply after will penetrate deeper into where it’s supposed to work..


Firm Skin


5 || Retinoids For Elasticity

The holy grail of skincare. Retinol is the only targeted ingredient that never fails to deliver results. By triggering collagen and elastin production, a 3-months committed use of retinol will show amazing results when it comes to firmness, less wrinkles and lines and taut supple complexion..


Firm Skin


6 || Love Your Sunscreen..

Firm skin is a result of a firm belief in daily sunscreen application.. None of the above will be attainable if you are ditching your sunblock.. Daily, all year round sun protection should become a habit for life..


Firm Skin


 7 || Beware Of Strengthening This Muscle!

Women tend to strain a certain muscle as they workout, the neck muscle. Women who jog, run, and do strenuous exercise tend to strengthen the neck muscle which eventually becomes strong enough to pull down their faces..


Firm Skin


8 || Don’t Smoke.

Smoking destroys collagen and elastin. Moreover, it decreases levels of estrogen, which is necessary to keep skin firm. Just quit..


Firm Skin


 9 || You Are What You Eat…

Food can and will make you younger or older. Low levels of vitamin C and zinc, among other skin-essential nutrients, may inhibit the skin’s ability to repair itself. To keep skin happy, eat more fatty fish (such as salmon), dark green vegetables (broccoli), almonds, and walnuts. And drink lots of green tea. 10. Ignoring your cravings is another thing you must be aware of. The overindulging in sugar (and corn syrup, dextrose, and fruit-juice concentrate) can prematurely age skin as early as our mid-30s. Sugar in the bloodstream forms harmful molecules called advanced glycation end products (or, appropriately enough, AGEs). And AGEs weaken collagen and elastin.


Firm Skin