Split Up With Split Ends || How To Avoid The Most Dreaded Sight Ever!

Split Ends

Split ends have got to be the most dreaded sight ever for any woman out there.. Personally, I believe that long healthy tresses are a challenge to achieve, growing your hair without paying attention to the quality of it is not a smart thing to do, you’d rather maintain a shorter mane that is healthy, free of damage that looks thicker than just growing weak locks that will eventually look horrid with any hairstyle..

Which brings us to this wise and realistic conclusion; there is NO method that can rid you of split ends other than chopping them off, moreover, you can’t undo damages: once your hair is split, it needs to be snipped, there is no other repair to that kind of damage..

Having established that, below are 7 pieces of advice that will help you maintain healthy looking hair and avoid split ends so you can grow longer hair with confidence!


1 || Minimal Trim Every 3 Weeks

By far THE best way to maintain healthy hair, but many of us freak out of the idea of chopping off their beloved tresses as often.. But trust me on this, if you regularly snip the ends of your hair – and we are not suggesting a major haircut- you won’t notice that it got shorter, on the contrary, you will start seeing a healthier sight of your hair ends and the speed of your hair growth will eventually outrun the haircuts and the result is healthier and longer hair locks..


Minimal Trim Every 3 Weeks


2 || Refrain From Over-Washing Your Hair

If you wash your hair every day, you are stripping off the natural oils which when washed off can make your hair more susceptible to breakage and split ends. Allow your hair to repair itself with its own natural oils, leaving your hair smoother, shinier and better protected.. Dry shampoos in between hair washing will solve the issue..


Refrain From Over-Washing Your Hair


3 || Shampoo And Condition Smartly

Shampooing your scalp and conditioning your ends is the best way to do it. Don’t pile your hair on the top of your head and start scrubbing away; that will lead to split ends. Instead, just shampoo your scalp and let the remaining suds rinse through your strands. Also, when conditioning the ends of your hair, make sure you give the conditioner some time to really soak into the strands before rinsing it out.


Shampoo And Condition Smartly


4 || Always Seal With A Cold Rinse. ALWAYS.

Rinsing your hair with colder water will not only help seal the hair’s cuticles and ends, but also add some glossy shine to your luscious locks.


Seal With A Cold Rinse


5 || The T-shirt Tip

Once you’re done with the washing part, always have a clean old cotton t-shirt next to your shower so you can dry with TLC.. Gently squeeze out the excess water without the harsh rubbing and pulling you used to do with a regular towel..


T-shirt Tip


6 || Be A Master Of Disguise

Yes, fake it till you make it! Go ahead and add a serum or an oil to the ends of your hair after styling, it’s a great way to mask your split ends from the public and make them a lot less noticeable.


Split Ends


7 || DIY Home Treatments

There are many at-home remedies you can try to aid in your split end dilemmas. Fit in a hair mask at east once a week, if consistent, there is no doubt your hair will grow healthier.. Egg yolk masks are known to be the best, honey and olive oil come next.


Home Treatments