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The New Product That’s Rumoured to Replace Hyaluronic Acid

Product Replace Hyaluronic Acid

If we have sort of driven you crazy with hyaluronic acid’s virtues then you might want to bear with us a little bit more as we explore together a little-known ingredient that is said to take over the job of hyaluronic acid!!! Yup, you heard right!! There are still some secrets up the beauty industry’s sleeve and this time it comes in the form of something called ‘beta-glucan’. Beta-glucans are polysaccharides (basically starch, multiple sugars, and cellulose bonded together) that are found in grains such as oats, as well as yeast, fungi and seaweed. Beta-glucan can be taken as a supplement or applied directly to the skin to reap its amazing benefits.

Inspired by Korean beauty, beta-glucan is said to provide the skin with amazing hydration, reduce wrinkles and irritation, and protect against cancer. Scientifically speaking, beta-glucan is basically a sugar molecule that binds itself to many receptors in our body and thus being able to provide numerous benefits in a number of locations. Read below for details.


Product Replace Hyaluronic Acid


1 || Provide Deep Hydration

Beta-glucans act as humectants in the skin, in the sense that they provide deep hydration as beta-glucan holds more than 1000 times its weight in water. What makes beta-glucans more effective than hyaluronic acid is the fact that they are 20% more hydrating when they are both at the same concentration levels.


2 || Treat Skin Conditions

Beta-glucan molecules connect together at the surface of the skin thus creating a thin barrier that helps protect the skin and fend off bacteria. They are also considered immune-boosters as they encourage immune cells to attack bacteria and thus aid in the treatment of certain skin conditions such as dermatitis, eczema and bed sores.


Product Replace Hyaluronic Acid


3 || Accelerate Wound Healing and Burns

The barrier-boosting function of beta-glucan makes it ideal for the treatment of burns and wounds as it works as an anti-inflammatory and reparative agent. It also addresses red irritated skin as it protects from environmental effects.


4 || Provide Anti-Aging Effects

Beta-glucans also act as collagen boosters, and despite their fairly large molecule size but they are still able to penetrate the epidermis to work their magic on fine lines and wrinkles. The essences that contain beta-glucan are usually light-weight with low viscosity and they get absorbed rapidly leaving the skin hydrated yet without the greasiness or stickiness.


Product Replace Hyaluronic Acid


5 || Helps Glowing Skin

Beta-glucan regulates the body’s response to stress thus decreasing unnecessary inflammation and helping the skin retain its natural glow from within.


6 || Protects Against Skin Cancer

Beta-glucan’s strongest trait maybe its anti-tumour properties; it has the ability to cut short the process of growing tumours in the body. It even acts as an ‘antimutagenic’ as it can stop the faulty cells from mutating in the first place.


Product Replace Hyaluronic Acid


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