The Very Essential Vitamin F In Your Skincare Routine

Vitamin F

Another vitamin we discovered recently is vitamin F. However, after researching about this yet-another-letter-from-the-alphabet that joined the vitamin squad, turns out we were familiar with what it really is.. Vitamin F is not a vitamin in the traditional sense of the word, it is actually a term that represents 2 fats; alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) and linoleic acid (LA).. ALA is a member of the omega-3 fat family, while LA belongs to the omega-6 family.


What Are The Benefits Of Vitamin F In Terms Of Beauty?

  1. ALA and LA play a crucial role in the body. They provide cell structure, aid in normal growth, vision, and brain development and more..
  2. Vitamin F is the latest answer to more effective skin care formulations, it facilitates certain active ingredients to penetrate and provides wonderful nutrients to the skin. Such as vitamin C.
  3. Known for its ability to hydrate, plump and heal, it’s an excellent carrier oil that can get below the surface of the skin. This results in more supple skin..
  4. Vitamins F have been used to treat atopic dermatitis, used as transdermal delivery enhancers, and new studies suggest expedited healing of wounds..
  5. Famous for maintaining water retention, keeping essential nutrients inside, and environmental toxins outside. It helps lock moisture in, keep toxins and bacteria out, heal existing damage, and prevent dryness.


What Happens When Your Skin Is Deprived From Vitamin F?

Vitamin F deficiency is rare. However, a lack of ALA and LA can lead to various symptoms, such as dry skin, hair loss, slow wound healing, skin sores and scabs..


Best Vitamin F Products..

Vitamin F
Vitamin F
Vitamin F
Vitamin F
Vitamin F
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