Ice Rolling || The ‘Coolest’ Beauty Tool Around

ice rolling

That dreaded early morning moment, when you take the first glimpse at your post late- night- out face. When you’ve indulged in a weighty dinner, that extra glass of red wine and went way overboard with soy sauce.. That literally inflated-balloon face accompanied with under eye puffiness along with blotchy, red skin.. Quite catastrophic…!

We’ve heard of Jennifer Aniston’s and Gwyneth Paltrow’s best kept secret-no-more of courageously dipping their faces in ice filled water/ice bowls first thing every morning.. We were never tempted though.. Moreover, and not to belittle the great and proven effects of the old cold-spoon trick, I’m here today to introduce you to our latest trending beauty tool that has become CIIN’s editors’ most  recent obsession; the ice roller.


ice rolling


Having earned much attention in Asia and Europe lately, the ice rolling concept is becoming very popular. For starters, and as the name suggests, the ice roller belongs in your mini fridge. Why? This handheld device is filled with water and gel. One roll of this refreshing massage tool across your face will guarantee the following results..

#1 Reducing puffiness.

#2 Calming redness.

#3 Firming the skin. 

#4 Reducing the fatigue look.

#5 Preventing wrinkles when used daily.

#6 Creating a lifting effect on the face, neck, and décolletage.

#7 Shrinking pores and blood vessels, as the cold temperature cause constriction in the skin.

#8 Sealing the blood vessels in the skin after applying a treatment such as serum or essence.

#9 Easing Tension: Rolling an ice-roller over your face and neck at the end of the day is a quick way to erase the tension of the day and to feel relaxed and calm. 


ice rolling


Basically, and much like the mechanism of jade-rollers; the ice roller is just what it looks like: A cylinder that you keep in your freezer until you’re ready to use it. Attach it to the super-light and easy to use handle and then you roll it all over your face accordingly. Start by rolling across your forehead and temples working your way around the eyes, down the cheeks, around the mouth and along the jawline. Go down to your neck to activate lymphatic drainage. Ideally, you should be using it on a daily basis in order to reap the benefits.


When To Use Your Ice Roller..

Ice rollers are amazing for prepping celebrity clients before red carpets, photo shoots. It’s your best bet when used after facials, extractions, and peels to calm redness..  Moreover, it soothes minor injuries like bruises, and it’s been known to work wonders for quelling headaches. Used at the end of your skin care routine, an ice roller massage soothes and smooths skin, aiding in lymphatic drainage as much as a fingertip massage. Men can even use them after a close shave to eliminate burn, reduce redness, and tighten skin.

Go ahead and give this frosty tool a try. Addiction guaranteed.. 

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