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10 Tips For A Flawless Fake Tan!

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Spoken from someone who literally gets palpitations the second she lies in the sun; I think it is safe to say that sun tanning is over for me. I should probably thank my palpitations for that, otherwise I would definitely be baking myself away. Being pale has long since ceased to be in fashion; and though the deeply tanned looks of the 70’s and 80’s are also somewhat gone, but we still cannot resist the urge of acquiring a healthy, albeit fake dose of color. Enter fake tanning! It’s okay to be overwhelmed with the amount of self-tanning products and salons out there but we will gently break it down for you today. It might require a certain amount of trial and error until you get it right but trust us, once you get hooked on a certain product there will be no going back! Here below are 10 tips to help you achieve a flawless fake tan. 


flawless fake tan


1 || Full-Body Contouring

If you’re a fan of spray tanning salons then you will be delighted to learn that a new trend has emerged of late which is the full-body contour. As the name suggests, tanning salons nowadays will work to accentuate your best features and hide your less favourite ones; think slimmer looking thighs and abs. This is definitely a customised service and will probably cost a bit more than your average spray tan.


flawless fake tan


2 || Wipes & Sponges Are Your Saviours

Another important tip to keep in mind is the importance of wipes and sponges. How many times have you lathered yourself with a tanning cream only to find, much to your dismay, that your palms or nails have developed a tan as well. Washing your hands is a must after applying any self-tanning products; but wiping them makes sure you get to those hard-to-reach places such as under the nails and between your fingers and toes. Always wipe your palms, nails and toenails immediately. Use makeup sponges to blend the self-tanner on your fingers and between them and anywhere else that is likely to crease.


3 || Be Mindful Of the Quantity

If you love the idea of body-contouring; you can create the same effect at home by controlling the quantity. Go lighter on your face, hands, and feet. Add more self-tanner to the areas that you want to camouflage such as the inner thighs, upper inner-arms, the waist, or any other area you’re looking to conceal. Keeping in mind that in order to achieve this you will need to layer your body twice. First round you cover yourself all over. After the first layer dries, go over the areas you want to camouflage with extra helpings of self-tanner.


flawless fake tan


4 || Find Your Formula

Choosing between a lotion, mousse or spray can be daunting. Whatever you choose make sure the formula is not too quick-drying just so you can spread it easily and flawlessly. Lotions and mousse are great for self-tanning at home. St. Tropez In Shower Lotion is an ingenious product that you can use while you shower. Both products below are available at CIIN.


St. Tropez In Shower Tanning Lotion
St. Tropez In Shower Tanning Lotion
St. Tropez Everyday Body Lotion Medium/Dark
St. Tropez Everyday Body Lotion Medium/Dark


5 || Read Your Labels

Your self-tanner needs to be 100% natural however, it cannot be a 100% organic. Why is that? Simply because the ingredient which tans the skin is called DHA and this is derived from sugar. However the compound of the sugar is changed to prepare your skin cells to tan. You will need to be aware of extra additives as some of them can be dangerous if  inhaled or absorbed by the skin.


6 || Waxing And Shaving

Make sure that you schedule your waxing or shaving 24 to 48 hours before you self-tan. Furthermore, ensure that your skin is clean and free of any lotions, perfumes, deodorants, or makeup.


flawless fake tan


7 || Mitts

You simply have to use a tanning mitt. Not only will it ensure a flawless even tan, but it will make for an easier, hassle-free application. It is recommended to apply your self-tanning mousse or lotion onto your mitt and not directly on your skin. Work in a circular motion from the feet going upwards, so you avoid creasing your stomach and neck if you bend over to do your legs.


flawless fake tan
radas Glow Flawless Finish Body Mitt


8 || Showering And Drying-Off

The next shower you take after applying your fake tan has to be a thorough one in warm water. Pat yourself dry and don’t rub as the skin will be more prone to sloughing off after being fake-tanned.


9 || Hydration

Another important point in ensuring a flawless tan is to work on heavily hydrating the skin before hand.


flawless fake tan
Pradas Glow Skin Armour Shower Oil
flawless fake tan
Pradas Glow Skin Glaze Hydrating Oil


10 || Exfoliate

You must start exfoliating the minute you notice your tan starting to flake or fade. You also have to exfoliate and hydrate extensively three days prior to applying your fake tan.


flawless fake tan
Antheia Beauty The Express Fake Tan Remover