3 Makeup Trends That Will Wane In 2019

makeup trends 2019

If 2018’s makeup trends had one term of labeling that term would be ‘excess’.. To begin with, we have all boldly indulged in applying liquid eyeliners; explored  different colorful eyeshadow palletes like there’s no tomorrow, and lastly we overindulged with all the glitz and glamour of achieving the coveted glow! Looking back you might think that last year’s makeup trends would be hard to top… Nevertheless 2019 will offer us some really great alternatives to the three makeup trends mentioned above.. Some really great trends are about to take over, for starters ladies, all we can tell you is to store your glow kits away for the time being!

We were never born with super dewy skin have we? Neither were we brought to this life with technicolor eyelids or a bold black lined eyes, which brings us to a new term 2019 is embracing; natural..

Below, three major makeup trends that will diminish in 2019..


1 || From Dewy To Matte Skin

Dewy skin was all we sought for last year, by all means.. Whether it came from glow kits or shimmer-infused serums.. This year it’s all about your natural skin color, expect matte skin to make a comeback. It never failed to look flawless anyway and needs no expertise in achieving where on the other hand mastering the glow look has not been easy..


makeup trends 2019


2 || From Bold To Pastel Lids 

A lower key version of the graphic liner trend is taking over this year.. Instead of using liner to create interesting shapes, natural-looking eyeshadows are going to do the job… We’re expecting more pastel and candy-colored variations to take over.


makeup trends 2019


3 || From Defined To Smudged Lips 

2019 will introduce the soft-focus look as the biggest lips trend. It’s very unfinished in application, and almost smudged into the lip line, not ultra defined and done by using a lip pencil.. Lip plumper are also going to be a necessity.. Moreover, expect to aim for powder coated lips, they’ve got a suspended pigment, and transform from creams to matte powders upon application.. We’re seeing lots of shades of nude and bright reds coming our way this year!


makeup trends 2019