Nanofat Injections || Grow Gorgeous Hair With Science’s Latest Discovery

Nanofat Injections

They say hair is a woman’s crown of beauty, a full and healthy head of hair gives her an unparalleled source of confidence and glory. Beautiful hair is a symbol of femininity and poise, after all, it is the crown we never take off! The fact that there’s little women won’t do in the name of beauty puts our hair health on the top of our priorities.

The most emotional issue that faces any woman is thinning hair. Many suffer from an exposed hairline, thin and sparse where the entire scalp is visible,  thicker hair maintenance might become a challenge.. This is why hair nourishment, from roots to ends is as important as body nourishment. PRP which is derived from one’s blood, has become a common go-to procedure for those in need of a boost to their manes. However, there is a newer procedure that promises tangible results and the before-and-afters say it all!

Introducing nanofat injections. As the name implies, fat is derived from our own adipose tissue, it includes adipose-derived stromal vascular fraction, which contains stem cells as well as growth factors. Your body’s stem cells are responsible for healing and repairing tissues. These stem cells are essential building blocks that can transform themselves into any type of cell. The layer of fat below the skin is home to countless mesenchymal stem cells.  The procedure itself involves extracting anywhere from 20 to 40 milliliters of fat, usually from the abdomen, then processing it through mechanical filters, followed by injection..


Nanofat Injections


While PRP serves as an injection to the hairline only, nanofat is processed to the point where there is no fat left, only stem cells and growth factors, it is then injected into the scalp, the face, the neck, the decollete, or to improve sun damage, skin pigmentation, decrease wrinkles, and of course grow hair.

When nanofat is used for hair restoration, you will get maximum results if PRP is injected right after it. This acts as a fertilizer for the nanofat, causes miniaturized hair follicles to become healthier and larger, producing more robust hair growth.There’s little to no pain, the scalp is numbed topically, and no downtime. When nanofat is used on the face, chest or other areas,  there may be some downtime of erythema and swelling or bruising.

You can expect to see results within 4 – 6 months of undergoing treatment. Follow-up appointments are recommended in the months following your treatment to monitor the growth of your hair. The cherry on top? Only one nanofat session is usually enough depending on the severity of hair loss.