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If You Like The Ordinary You Will Love The Inkey List

The Inkey List

The trend towards minimalism and simplification in the beauty and skincare arena is clearly on the rise. The concept was first introduced by cult-favourite skincare brand The Ordinary, where it focused on the ingredient and sort of down played packaging and related issues. If you were among the people who hoarded The Ordinary then you will probably like The Inkey List, a recently launched skincare brand focusing on satisfying the increasing demand for high quality ingredients with lower price points.


The Inkey List


Today’s new-age strategies to establishing a skincare brand focus on the notions of simplicity and transparency combined with attention to actual consumer needs as well as emphasising the hi-low concept (high quality ingredients, low prices). The Inkey List is the latest skincare brand to join the ranks of The Ordinary, Glossier, and Beauty Pie who are adopting this approach.

The Inkey list is founded by Colette Dewberry and Mark Curry, and it is named after a beauty industry term meaning ‘the ingredients listed on a beauty product’. They launched 15 hero products that are ingredient-based with minimal packaging and barely-there price tags. Their star products include hyaluronic acid, retinol, and vitamin C. However, they have also launched less usual ingredients such as caffeine, turmeric and Q10.


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So what sets The Inkey List apart from other competitors in the same field? They have aimed at closing a gap in the market in terms of information. They have adopted the role of the The Beauty Translator whereby they have taken it upon themselves to explain and break down the answers to all beauty related queries and questions without getting too technical or clinical.


The Inkey List


The Inkey List also pride themselves on their ingredient resources which allow them to source highly effective ingredients that are of the highest grade but at a lower price point. This is basically the core of their business. This also allows them huge flexibility as they can easily launch a new product in the market in mere 12 weeks if they sense a growing demand for it.


We take a lot of our inspiration from food and so we consider products more as recipes to try as opposed to ‘you must do this, you must do that’. It’s about giving people a choice and giving them the power to fully understand skincare. Everything we do will always come back to this.” Curry explains.