Are Your Knees Exposing Your True Age? || 6 Tips To Age-Proof Your Kneecaps

Knees - Aging

Knees are kind of a neglected body part that we often forget about,  until we slip on the first skirt or a pair of shorts after a long winter, then the knees will -literally- come to light again…This might be bad news for women who dislike the look of their knees.. In fact, many women are not even aware of the qualities of a beautiful knee.. It is mostly not too skinny, not too bony, not too fatty and finally not too wrinkly.. We know that did not create any clear image in your mind, however, and just like the neck and backs of hands, knees can reveal a person’s true age. We have a thing or two to enlighten you about one of your age defining body parts..


What Is Giving Your Knees An Older Look?


1 || Dry skin

Rough and un-exfoliated knees look ashy and dark. Which make them appear more wrinkly therefore aged..


2 || Age

Inevitable. As defying gravity becomes your most dedicated act, aging will surely result in saggy knees no different than your jowls. Loss of elasticity plays a big part as well..


3 || Weight loss

Fat acts like padding to the knee caps. Weight loss will also affect the fatty content of the knees, making them look saggy. The worst case scenario would be yo-yo dieting..


4 || Sun damage

The application of SPF 50+ sunscreen to the knees daily before you set foot outdoors with exposed knees is highly recommended..

However, a reassuring thought might come in handy;


The knee are purely functional. Everyone has excess skin above their knees or they wouldn’t be able to bend them, and about 25% of women who seek invasive surgery or treatments have normal knees!


Knees - Aging


What If the case was really saggy, fatty or abnormally wrinkly knees?

If the sagging is abnormal or really bothersome, a surgical fix should be a last resort, as it involves lifting the whole upper leg, not just the knee. Instead, it is recommended trying firming laser treatments like Thermage and Ulthera, or sessions with a dermal roller, a device that uses tiny needles to create a tightening effect.

If the problem isn’t sagging, but fat, then you can assess your situation with this easy pinch test; straighten your leg and then pinch the inside of your knee. That’s where knee fat lives, not above it.. AirSculpt is a laser that targets that and can be done in 15 minutes while the patient is awake.


What Won’t Work As A Solution?

  1. Botox. Although it helps smooth out wrinkles but it definitely doesn’t lift sagging skin.
  2. Working out. Though building up your quads with leg extensions at the gym can help.
  3. Firming creams. Simply because they never worked for anyone!


Knees - Aging


CIIN provides you with some knee-care tips to get them looking their best.


1 || The skin of your knees

The skin of the knees is thick and coarse; this means it has a tendency to appear rough and dingy. To brighten it up, there’s nothing like rubbing it with a half lemon every other day. Exfoliation gently with a mitt will gradually restore softness.  Last but not least, moisturise thoroughly every day.


2 || Tackling cellulite

When cellulite is localized in the knee area, you can opt for specific treatments such as meso-therapy. The downside? It’s a bit pricey. However, results can be quite good, especially if followed up by booster sessions.


3 || Useful exercises

There’s a bunch of specific exercises for knees and for legs in general, a great way to achieve a firm, sleek appearance. Resistance band work is one of the most effective and cost-friendly ways to ‘knee fix’ in the world. It lifts your butt, creates tone and doesn’t bulk up your legs. It helps activate your gluteal muscles, which play an important role in stabilizing the knees.


4 || Diet matters

An area prone to arthritis in later life, good nutrition is crucial for your knees. Make sure you eat a balanced diet, and keep hydrated, especially in the hotter weather, by drinking herbal teas and water throughout the day.