The Time Is Hair! || 8 Amazing Tips For Fabulous Locks


Let’s talk cool girl hair! You see, when we mention ‘cool girl’ hair, the likes of Kate Hudson, Jennifer Aniston, Gigi Hadid – and that divine hair flip of hers- Emma Roberts, and Nina Dobrev come to mind.. Achieving an effortless hair style is not actually effort-less, it takes tips and tricks in order to look naturally flawless and casually sophisticated..

Below, we have compiled a few golden tips straight from top hair experts of worldwide hair salons..


1 || The In-Shower Experience.

The steps are as follows: cleanse, treat and then moisturize. For cleansing, choose depending on your hair condition and texture, so either moisturizing, strengthening or smoothing. As for the treatment part which comes before conditioner refers to any type of in-shower treatment such as oils, scalp treatments or others. Finally, you apply your favored mask -as opposed to traditional conditioner- as a final step before rinsing..The results: smooth, healthy, happy-looking hair.


2 || The Next Indulgence

What follows after you’re out of the shower, is your choice of a hair mist, this is usually lightweight and necessary after you gently towel-dry your hair. The mist comes in as another moisturizing aid to remind your locks that they’re still cared for and pampered!


3 || Best Hair Fragrances?

For hair that smells divine, sandalwood, gardenia or any combination of a woody/ floral product is proven to have longer lasting smell borderline aromatic!


4 || General Guidelines Depending On Hair Texture

If your hair is damaged, always choose strengthening enhancers,

If you have a fizzy texture, opt for enhancers with static control.

As for dry hair, moisturizing enhancers should be your go-to.




5 || The Safe Wave

There are many ways where you can get that beautiful wavy hair you’ve always dreamed of minus the damaging heat of curling irons. Braiding your hair after all the above will do the job.         If you want a tight crimp from the braids, divide your hair into many small sections to braid. If you want loose waves, divide your hair into four sections. When you’re done braiding, use a blow dryer from a far angle and thoroughly dry your braids, don’t over dry though. Some dampness is needed for the following step.


6 || Twist And Create A Bun

After undoing your braids, leave hair as is, it will look like a bunch of strands and don’t brush them yet. Hold each strand and start twisting it, the firmer you twist the stronger the wave, then turn each twisted strand into a bun that will look like a cinnamon roll.. secure it with a band or bobby pins..


7 || Dry With A Blow Dryer Or A Diffuser

When the hair has dried completely, undo each bun carefully. First, apply a small amount of shine serum or styling cream to the palms of your hands. Then, run your fingers gently through your hair to make loose waves, but do not brush or comb it. Use a hair spray or scrunch fixative gel into your hair to ensure that the waves will stay all day.


8 || Finally

You can stop here, and turn your head upside down and shake it and spray some hair fixture product for extra volume. Some ladies go an extra mile by using foam curlers for a couple of hours to create waves that hold better..