The 2 Types Of Lip Injections || How Do They Differ And Compare To General Fillers?

Lip Fillers

Lip enhancement procedures have always been one of the most sought for treatments women target to upgrade their natural lips. Why? Many cases call for the interference of an injection, mainly two conditions seek attention; one to enhance volume and give dimension to thin or almost nonexistent lips, the other simply to hydrate and retain the lost natural volume due to age and dryness.

Today I will be discussing the 2 methods and how they differ and compare to general use fillers. Restylane fillers offer solutions for both cases; Lip Refresh and Lip Volume..


1 || Lip Refresh by Restylane – For A Natural Look

Similar to standard fillers, Restylane Lip Refresh is a HA (hyaluronic acid) based filler, however, it is formulated to restore hydration and plumpness to the lips, which are lost with age, but without giving extra volume. The result would be incredibly soft lips that can survive without the constant use of lip balms.. An added benefit of blurring small lines around the lips is also noticed. No change in lip volume occurs. Smokers, sun lovers, people struggling with extreme dryness and flaky lips benefit the most..


Lip Fillers


2 || Lip Volume By Restylane – For Added Volume

Lip enhancement and added volume are the 2 reasons Lip Volume is usually used. Restylane Lip Volume is formulated to settle in the lips without swelling or resulting in lips. It lasts longer than Lip Refresh, a smoother finish is also a result of this kind of procedure..


Lip Fillers


How Are Both Fillers Injected?

Restylane Lip Refresh treatment involves a series of small injections in the outline of the lips and around them using a very fine needle. Sometimes there are also injections into the lip area itself.

Restylane Lip Volume treatment involves reshaping the lips through injections to add volume into the lip area. Treatment is usually with a cannula as opposed to a needle, which reduces bruising and swelling. The filler is administered into the lip border to add volume.


Which Treatment Is For You?

It usually depends on the patient’s needs. If your goal is to remove small lines and make the lips more ‘moist’ and hydrated, then Lip Refresh should be your go-to treatment.. If improving the shape and/or volume of the lips for more dramatic reshaping for a desired pout is your goal, then opt for Lip Volume..

Restylane Lip Refresh gives hydration and fullness for up to 3 months, while Restylane Lip Volume can provide lip enhancement volume in the lip area for 6-9 months.


Any Side Effects?

Sometimes, localised swelling, bruising, itching and initially localized bleeding can result from such treatments. However, they pass within a few hours, although they can last for a few days.