How To Get Rid Of Dirt And Grime Easily

No matter how regularly we shower, there are parts of our body that are never thoroughly cleaned with shower alone. These places can become breeding grounds for bacteria and fungi, as well as a source of odors. Read on to know more and what happens if we do not clean these parts of our body.


Tips on How to Get Rid of Dirt and Grime Easily for Hard to Reach Places on Your Body

Even after a shower, there are still places that it cannot reach. These hard-to-reach body parts are often neglected and need a special type of cleaning. Follow these tips on cleaning these hard to reach body parts and know what happens if you don’t clean them.


1 || Behind Your Ears 


We always clean the ear canal, but what about behind the ears? When was the last time you cleaned the back of your ear? A lot of people are guilty of neglecting the ‘holistic ear care’. The back of your ear is the home to the sebaceous gland, which produces sebum (that yellow substance that builds up behind your ear).

This will start to give off a nasty smell if not cleaned thoroughly and can be embarrassing.

Cleaning Tips: In the shower, use a soapy washcloth and swab around that area. You can then use LastSwab Basic reusable cotton buds to thoroughly remove the dirt behind the ears, as well as the ear lobes, or the outer portion of your ears.


2 || In-Between the Toes


The area between your toes is a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. It means you are prone to developing fungal infections and foot odor when you do not clean in between your toes.

If you wear shoes every day, expect it to be a haven for germs, whether you wear socks or not.. It’s warm, moist, and dark inside your shoes; it’s like the favorite hangout place of bacteria. If the feet are sweaty and not washed often, including in between the toes, others call it the ‘toe jam’. It’s the smelly gunk that gathers in between the toes.


Cleaning Tips: To avoid accumulating ‘toe junk’, wash your feet with antibacterial soap every day. Using your bare fingers or a washcloth, lather soap between your toes too. 

Dry your feet, including between the toes (you want them dry at all times, especially before wearing socks to avoid fungus from growing). Sprinkle foot powder or cornstarch before wearing moisture-wicking socks to keep it dry all day.


3 || Under Your Fingernails


We already know that many disease-causing germs are transmitted by the hands, but we almost always forget to clean under the nails.

Another favorite hangout place of bacteria is underneath your fingernails. This area yields thousands of bacteria (each fingertip), and it’s disgusting because of a lot of snacks you eat using your bare hands (chips, popcorn, etc.). 

Plus, it is not very pleasant to be around other people with unkempt fingernails. If you do not trim or get rid of the dirt underneath your fingernails, it can cause sickness.  

Cleaning Tips: Before anything else, remember to wash your hand for at least 20 seconds whenever you can. Before and after you eat, using the bathroom, or whenever you feel it is dirty; make this a habit. Using a toothpick or cuticle pusher, make it a habit to scrape out noticeable or unnoticeable dirt in your nails. Clean your nails after a shower and do the same with your toenails.


4 || Your Belly Button


Another neglected body part we always forget to clean is our belly button. Studies describe the belly button as a ‘rainforest’ of 67 different types of bacteria. If we neglect to clean out the belly button, it can house itchy and nasty smelling yeast infection.


Cleaning Tips: The proper way of cleaning your belly button is before showering. Use a LastSwab Basic cotton swab and rubbing alcohol. Gently rub the inside surface of your belly button. If the swab is dirty, wipe it off with cloth and water and use it to clean again.

Once you’re done, rinse the alcohol out of your belly button by dipping the cotton swab in water. Do not let the alcohol dry inside your belly button. After showering, dry the insides of your belly button with a cloth or towel.

If you opt not to use alcohol in cleaning your belly button, simply use soap, water, and a reusable swab to get rid of the dirt and grime.


The Takeaway

These are some of the tips on how to get rid of dirt and grime on hard-to-reach or neglected areas of your body. Neglecting them can cause embarrassing odor and even cause skin and soft tissue infections.

While we’re cleaning our bodies, let us also remember the environment we want to clean. That means avoid using single-use cleaning supplies like cotton swabs. Clean your body and help clean the environment too.