Dr. Dana’s Nail Renewal System is All Your Nails Need

Dr. Dana’s Nail Renewal

We have witnessed a lot of crazy nail trends on the runways, from glittery, to heavily embellished as well as the harsh gel-ish manicures that often leave your nails pretty fatigued.. However, bare nails have always been in style, but how can u bare yellow weak chipped and dry ones? Not quite attractive huh? Just like your skin and hair require some TLC,Dr. Dana’s Nail Renewal System offers exactly the same to your nails.. This 3-step, once a week system restores dry, damaged nails and the result is a healthy, hydrated, high-shine state that looks like a clear coat of polish–instantly.. A breakthrough!


Why We Love The Dr. Dana’s formula?

#1 It’s free of: formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, dibutyl phthalate, camphor, toluene, paraben, xylene, triphenyl phosphate, ethyl tosylamide..

#2 It’s artificial fragrance free..

#3 It’s dye free

#4 It’s alcohol free

#5 No dry time, treats 10 nails in 10 minutes. Resume nail color 24 hours after treatment.

#5 Last but not least, it’s cruelty Free..


Below are the details of each step..


Step 1: Glycolic Prep For Nails

Directions: The first thing you’re supposed to do is exfoliate your nails using glycolic acid. Twist the bottom of pen until a droplet appears on the applicator tip. Brush a thin, even coat onto clean, dry, unpolished nails. One pen twist treats five nails. Use once weekly. Provides 90 days of treatment. The pen is really easy to use and you will besurprised how fast it coats each nail!


Dr. Dana’s Nail Renewal


Step 2: Perfect Grit Priming Wand

Directions: To remove damaged nail cells and allow for maximum absorption of the next step, start with Side 1 and sweep over nails two to five times. A powdery overlay will appear indicating it’s time for Side 2. Using Side 2, sweep over nails two to five times. Finish with Side 3, pressing more firmly and sweeping back and forth until nails achieve a lustrous, chip-free shine.


Dr. Dana’s Nail Renewal


Step 3: Deep Hydrating Formula

Directions: Twist the bottom of the pen until the applicator tip is saturated. Brush generously onto nails, cuticles and surrounding skin. Use once a week, or more, if nails are prone to peeling. Provides 90 days of treatment when used weekly (less if used more frequently). The gel-oli contains their proprietary Phyto Crystal Complex, which is a bioactive natural nail strengthener derived from the sap of a French evergreen tree.


Dr. Dana’s Nail Renewal


Happy pampering!