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Hormonal Acne Need Not Ruin Your Life!!

Hormonal Acne

It’s probably ‘that time of the month’, and you are feeling bloated, irritable and about to raid the kitchen when you notice a hard sore bump on the edge of your chin and you think….’this is exactly what I need’. We keep hearing the term ‘hormonal acne’ but what exactly is it and are there ways to prevent it? Hormonal acne is most likely connected to ‘that time of the month’ because hormonal fluctuations always reflect on our skin. Since estrogen is a “natural anti-inflammatory hormone” and is responsible for keeping things calm skin-wise; it is only reasonable that when estrogen levels drop around our monthly cycle that our skins starts acting up.

Though it may be difficult to determine if your acne is hormonal, there are some telltale signs that can help you find out. For example the acne appearing around the time of your monthly cycle is the biggest sign to look out for. Another sign is the fact that most breakouts appear mainly on the chin and jawline area. One can also tell if acne is hormonal when there are actual hormonal changes connected to, for example, pregnancy or birth control pills, or if you’re over 40.

Read below to learn how can you prevent and deal with hormonal acne?


1 || Drink Hot Water With Lemon In The AM

Add freshly squeezed lemon juice to a mug of hot water and drink it on an empty stomach. This will flush away all toxins from your body especially from the intestines where acne supposedly starts.


2 || Eliminate Dairy from Your Diet

It is believed that when your body is getting more dairy than it needs then the body is prone to creating those long-term cystic acne that linger for weeks on your chin, jaw or neck area. If you are skeptical about this, try cutting out some dairy items from your diet for a specified amount of time and monitor yourself. Sadly you will need to cut out cheese, yoghurt, ice cream and milk for at least three weeks for you to see a difference, however you can slowly introduce them back and watch your tolerance levels.


Hormonal Acne


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3 || Take A Daily Vitamin B6 Supplement A Week Prior to Your Cycle

Vitamin B6 helps ease PMS symptoms by improving hormone metabolism and it also helps the body make serotonin which helps relieve stress which is turn triggers the breakouts. However, this works very well for most people but not all.


4 || Probiotics

Taking oral probiotics help prevent breakouts that are caused by inflammation that results from a leaky gut. Gut bacteria when released into the bloodstream causes inflammation throughout the body.




5 || Up Your Skincare Routine A Week Prior to Your Cycle

Make extensive use of acne cleansers and masks during the week leading up to your monthly cycle.



6 || Salicylic Acid

Salicylic’s acid’s ability to penetrate pores to clear out bacteria makes it an important ingredient in the prevention of breakouts as it helps the skin shed cells that clog breakouts which cause an even worse situation.



7 || Get A Facial

Schedule regular facials or do an at-home one to get your pores cleaned. Older blemishes may continue to get re-infected if they’re not properly cleaned out.


Hormonal Acne


8 || Consult With Your Gynaecologist

If all else fails, you might need to schedule an appointment with your gynaecologist to discuss possible courses of treatment to balance out your hormones.